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Faculty Speak

"I feel that Inbuss has the latest package of courses and personality development programmes. It encourages students to take initiatives in organizing activities as part of learning and ensures that discipline is maintained both in class and outside." - Prof. Mirza Saiyadain, Faculty Member

Globonomics & Contemporary Macroeconomic Issues

This is our proprietary course and is delivered by Mr. Neeraj Batra at the Faculty of Management Studies, New Delhi also.


Contact Hours    : 15 hrs
Credit    : 0.5 Credit
Prerequisite : None
Instructor : Neeraj Batra


a.    Global Markets: Disaggregation

    • USA
    • Euro-Zone
    • BRICS
    • Japan
    • ROW


b.    Understanding Fiscal-Trade Deficits

    • Options To Manage Fiscal Deficits
    • Greenspan-Guidotti Rule
    • Equation Between Inflation-Interest Rates
    • Equation Between Interest Rates & Currency Rates
    • Paradox Of Thrift
    • Issues In BOT & BOP


c.    Key Parameters In Understanding Global Markets

    • Credit Growth/Global Liquidity
    • The Harrod Domar Model
    • Importance Of FOMC Announcements
    • Baltic Freight Index
    • Q Or Tobin Ratio
    • Schiller Index
    • Other Leading Indicators


d.    The Currency Markets Post Bretton Woods

    • Dollar Index
    • Surrogate Role Of Gold
    • The Dollar Carry Forward Trade


e.     Understanding Contemporary Concepts In Global Markets

    • Sub Prime Fiasco
    • Yen Carry Forward Trade
    • Concept Of Deleveraging
    • Concept Of De-Coupling


f.    Tracking Commodity/Metal Cycles

    • Agri-Commodities
    • Ferrous-Non Ferrrous Metals
    • The Oil Cycle
    • Gold & Other Precious Metals



    • Role Of Demographics
    • Managing The Fiscal Deficit
    • Leveraging Future Receivables
    • Capital Flows To India
    • A Lateral Strategy For BOT


Evaluation :
Quizzes    20%
Project    20%
End Term Examination    60%