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Faculty Speak

"I feel that Inbuss has the latest package of courses and personality development programmes. It encourages students to take initiatives in organizing activities as part of learning and ensures that discipline is maintained both in class and outside." - Prof. Mirza Saiyadain, Faculty Member

Introduction to Capital Markets & Wealth Management

Contact Hours : 38 hrs
Credit : 1 Credit
Prerequisite : Introduction to Globonomics & Contemporary Issues
Instructor : Neeraj Batra


Course Deliverables : The course attempts to cover the following broad tenets


The Process of Successful Investing requires an understanding of the following 4 areas:
a)    Fundamental Analysis
b)    Qualitative Analysis
c)    Technical Analysis
d)    Behavioural Analysis


Fundamental Analysis
a)    Ratio Analysis
b)    Qualitative Analysis
c)    Technical Analysis
d)    Behavioural Analysis
e)    Risk Diversification Strategies
f)    Concept of Economic Value Added (EVA)
g)    Enterprise Value Vs Replacement Value
h)    Growth Vs Value Investing
i)    GARP or Peter Lynch’s Method
j)    Factors that influence the P/e ratio
k)    Off Balance Sheet Exposure and Risk


Qualitative Analysis
a)    Quality of Financial Statements
b)    Quality of Company Management
c)    Historical Perspective of Company/Industry
d)    Core Competence Issues
e)    Cyclical Vs Steady Business
f)    Understanding Business Moats
g)    Understanding Industry/Market Structure
h)    Assessment of Key Risk Issues
i)    Accounting Policies


Technical Analysis
a)    Understanding Moving Averages
b)    The Relative Strength Index (RSI)
c)    Basic Technical Charting
d)    Fibonacci Series and Elliot Wave Theory
e)    Reading Japanese Candlesticks
f)    Concept of Price Impact
g)    Inflexion points and Crossovers
h)    An Introduction To The Derivative Markets


II    Framework of Investing (3 Sessions)    

2 Sessions
•    Time Value of Money    
•    Why Manage Wealth
•    Relative Asset Evaluation Matrix
•    Risk Return Matrix


1 Session
•    The Concept Of Relative Valuation    
•    Why Stocks are Like Bonds


III    Key Valuation Concepts (8 Sessions)

2 Sessions        
•    Benjamin Grahams Mr.Market
•    Market Capitalisation
•    Enterprise Value    
•    EPS/CPS/P/E Ratio/Iror    
•    Face Value, Book Value, Price/Book Value

2 Sessions
•    Replacement Value /Q Ratio/ Nuisance Value
•    Absolute Price Vs Aggregate Price
•    Market Price Vs Par Value
•    Dividend Yield Vs Payout
•    Key Spreadsheet Ratios
•    Why is Ronw Superior to P/e ratio
•    Peter Lynch’s PEG Ratio

2 Sessions
•    Applications Of Time Value In Stocks
•    Valuation Using Discounted Cashflows
•    Concept Of Terminal Value
•    Applications Of Time Value In Stocks
•    Growth Vs Value Investing Vs GARP

2 Sessions
•    Analytics (Applications)
•    Rights & Bonus Valuations


IV    Introduction To Key Global & Indian Indices (4 Sessions)

2 Sessions
•    Key Global Indices & Weights
•    Sensex, Nifty & Sectoral Indices

2 Sessions
•    Morgan Stanley Capital Index
•    Concept Of Free Float
•    How To Create An Index    
•    Reading The Economic Times Stock Page


V    Behavioural Aspects (2 Sessions)         
•    The Theory Of Fear & Greed
•    Concept Of Expectation Investing
•    Relationship Of Eps And P/e


VI     Introduction To Technical Analysis & FNO (4 Sessions)

1 Sessions
•    Elliot Wave Theory & Fibonacci Series
•    Japanese Candlesticks

1 Session
•    The RSI
•    The CBOE VIX
•    Gap Ups/Downs

2 Sessions
•    Concept Of Futures/Options


VII    Cross Border Flows (1 Session)
•    FCCB Exposure


VIII    Other Wealth Options (3 Sessions)

2 Sessions
•    Overview For Reality
•    Overview Of Art


Tentative Evaluation
Class Participation            5%
End Term Examination        40%
Group Project                25%
3 Quizzes                30%