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"My stint at Infinity has brought out various facets of my personality that were previously unknown to me. So, appears that I'm ripe for Citius, Altius, Fortius!!” - Suruchi Berry, Batch of 2007

Consumer Behaviour

Contact Hours : 30 hrs
Credit : 1 Credit
Prerequisite : Marketing Management I, II
Instructor : Dr Shyam Vyas


Introduction :
Consumer Behavior is an elective level course designed to give students in marketing and business an in-depth understanding of the importance of the consumer and components and processes that influence consumer decision-making.


It is the correct understanding of consumer’s behavior or the lack of it - that often guides marketing decisions to success or failure in the market place.  The role and importance of the consumer is on the ascendancy in Indian and global context, and it is crucial for marketing decision-makers to grasp the fundamentals that shape consumer behavior. Students will be introduced to all the significant concepts and underpinnings that help understand, explain and predict consumer’s behavior.


This subject is one that draws upon ALL sub-areas in marketing; and students are encouraged to bring their own experiences as consumers to the class discussion in addition to everything they learnt in MM-1 & MM-II core courses.


Learning Objectives :
1.    To provide a basic understanding of Consumer Behavior - Role, Concepts, Theory, and Applications in current day business effort.
2.    To develop among students specialised knowledge of the various components of Consumer Behavior.
3.    To Integrate Theory & Applications of Consumer Behavior - Concepts and Practices current in business environment.
4.    To get students to think as business & marketing professionals  involved in the effort  of a modern day business organisation where Consumer Behavior understanding  plays a crucial role thru discussions, presentations, cases /assignments / project work in individual and group settings.


An appropriate mix of Class Lecture/Discussion, Case Studies, Field Assignment, Project, and  Presentations - in individual and group settings.


Standard Class Policies:    (let me put my worst foot forward - first !!)
-Attendance is essential. Those not present at start of class will be marked “late” and points (one grade) deducted.  Late comers may not be allowed in to the class. Any one absent is expected to find out what went on in the class and to come to next class fully prepared.
-Being prepared for class (with prior reading of assigned chapter(s)/ issue/ materials is required, and highly encouraged.
-Exam questions are based on class discussions and text materials.
-All assignment / report submissions to be typewritten or computer outputs
-All submissions must have “title page” indicating details required.
-No “late assignments” will be accepted and students may not email  Assignment without prior instructor approval. One-grade-deducted-for-each-day-of-lateness-in-submissions policy.
-No “make-up / missed exam” will be provided.
-Surprise class quizzes may be given.
-Cell phones must be turned off during class.
-Group changes are not allowed usually. Permitted only in special cases
-Any malpractice / unethical conduct or misbehavior as judged by instructor in class/quiz / assignment may result in award of nil marks for the activity / expulsion from class.  
-Professional conduct backed by thorough preparation for each class coupled with intense interest in every aspect of marketing as impacting consumers is expected of each student.


Essential Reading (Text Book):

Marketing & Consumer Behavior - Basic Concepts, (3rd Edition),
Author : Dr Shyam Babu Vyas, Ph.D.


Evaluation Scheme:
Attendance & Participation / responsiveness                10%
Mid-term examination                         20%
Final examination                             30%
Quiz / Assignment / Cases                         20%
Group Project Report with peer evaluation                20%*


Additional Optional Bonus Write-up Scheme Points up to 5% of grade offered -
*Important: a peer evaluation must be attached with your Group Project Report or the whole team will suffer a penalty of 50%.


Lesson Plan (12 weeks)     TOPIC                     REMARKS
1.    Introduction to Marketing & Consumer Behavior     Ch 2, 3,
Form Groups (max 3-4 members each). Select Topic & Chapter. Give to Instructor in next class.

2.    Psychology & Consumer Behavior            Ch 1, 2, 3,    
Buyer Various Aspects                                 
Models of Comprehensive Buyer Behavior          Ch 4        
Overview of Consumer Behavior Decision Process    Ch 5        Assignement # 1 due
Groups finalized.                                Quiz # 1
Distribute Group Cases 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6 - for written group submissions & presentations

3.    Culture , Social Class Variables Impacting CB        Ch 6 & 7
Group Case # 1 & 2 written submissions by all groups due at start of class. Prsntns by Gp#1 & 2

4.    SubCulture,  Reference Group Variables Impacting CB    Ch 7 & 8         
Family Variables Impacting CB                 Ch 9        
Group Case # 3 & 4 written submissions by all groups due at start of class. Prsntns by Gp#3 & 4

5.    Learning                         Ch 10         Assignement # 2 due
Memory                         Ch 11        Quiz # 2
Group Case # 5 & 6 written submissions by all groups due at start of class. Prsntns by Gp#5 & 6

6.    Attitude  MID TERM TEST (look up semester schedule)    Ch 12         
Personality & Concept of Self                 Ch 13
Group Case # 7 & 8 written submissions by all groups due at start of class. Prsntns by Gp#7 & 8

7.    Evaluative Criteria , Motivation                 Ch 14 & 15              

8.    Emotion                         Ch 16     Assignement # 3 due
Perception                                 Quiz # 3
Group Case # 9 & 10 written submissions by all groups due at start of class. Prsntns by Gp#9 &10

9.    Information Processing, Problem Recognition        Ch 17, 18,

10.    Search Processes, Store  Selection,            Ch 19, 20,        
Displays, Promotion, Planned & Unplanned Buyer Behavior
Group Case # 11 & 12 written submissions by all groups due at start of class. Prsntns by Gp#11&12
Advertising Publicity, Branding, Packaging         Ch 21,        
Marketing Communications & Buyer Behavior

11.    Models of Industrial Buying Behavior     
Patterns of Industrial Buying Behavior in India                 
Group Case # 13 written submissions by all groups due at start of class. Prsntns by Gp# 13
Diffusion of Innovation                                    Quiz # 4
Special Emphasis Discussions Perception, Trust, Selectivities      Assignment 4 & Project Due
Cross-cultural Consumer Behavior - some thoughts

12    Project Presentations . Special topics in CB .
Last Class     REVIEW CLASS         Assignment – L (5 qtns & ans from ea Ch. Of text)


Any Relevant Book and current articles published in environment (as discussed/suggested  in class) – and Economic Times, Financial Express, Business Standard, Business India, Business Today, Fortune, Wall Street Journal, Mint, Harvard Business Review, Journal of Consumer Behavior, Journal of Marketing, Journal of Market Research, Journal of  Consumer Psychology, Journal of Brand Mgt., Journal of Sales, Journal of Retail Mgt.,
Marketing Science


This syllabus & schedule is tentative only and is subject to change with notice in class. PLAN YOUR TIME and effort WELL IN ADVANCE of due dates please !!