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"My stint at Infinity has brought out various facets of my personality that were previously unknown to me. So, appears that I'm ripe for Citius, Altius, Fortius!!” - Suruchi Berry, Batch of 2007

Marketing of Services

Contact Hours : 30 hrs
Credit : 1 Credit
Prerequisite : Marketing Management-II
Instructor : Dr Veena Kumar


Course Objectives
The main objectives of the course are as follows:
1.    To familarise the students with Services Marketing principles, tools & techniques that can be applied to the business.
2.    To gain insights into the challenges encountered by the Services Marketing professionals and also identify the key factors for enhancing service business’s Competitive Edge.


The entire approach for meeting the above mentioned objectives and covering the contents would be semi structured in nature wherein the participation of the students will become the subject matter for discussion and analysis. However, the faculty and Associate faculty would provide structured inputs for learning and conceptual purposes. The students will go through a number of case studies, articles and exercises to understand the various concepts of Service Marketing.  The delivery of the course would include:
•    Interactive faculty inputs
•    Discussions on Articles and cases
•    Exercises
•    Group Presentations
•    Role Plays



Internal Assessment –
•    Case study analysis (group) – 20
•    Sectoral Presentation (group) – 30
•    Quiz (individual) – 10


End term exam –
•    End-term Exam – 40




Gr. No.

Cases / Exercises


Introduction ,  Nature and characteristics of services. Trends in Services Marketing,Classification of Services

Implications of Services


Product Vs. Services


Services Mktg. Mix, Consumer Behavior for Services, GAP model of service quality: reasons and implications

Service is Everybody's Business, Paramount Airways




Service Triangle, Dimensions of Service quality, Service Recovery, Managing complaints

The New Dotcom Millionaire (


Customer Satisfaction through Internal Marketing, Dimensions of Service Quality, Role Play Hospitality0


Service Positioning, New Service Development , Process  and Service Blue Printing

Managing the Customer Employee Satisfaction Mirror




Pricing of Services, Service Guarantee

Service Positioning through Structural changes


Bumrungrad's Global Services Marketing Strategy


Managing Demand and Capacity

McDonald's Conquers the world, Recipe for success


Roscoe Non - Destructive testing


Physical Evidence, Intermediaries for Services

Managing by Customer value equation




Customer Expectations: Formation, Levels and Management, Penalty Reward Analysis



A Consultant's Comeuppance, Software Modification


Customer Satisfaction Measurement - Process and Importance

Brand Wagon


Customer Service at Singapore Airlines, Hard Tokens


CRM overview & Process framework

Attaining Total Customer Satisfaction - Xerox


DoCoMo - The Japanese Wireless Telecom Leader


Sectoral Applications



Musicworld - Redefining Indian Music Retailing


Sectoral Applications



The case of customer retention


Suggested Books:





Services Marketing

Christopher H. Lovelock




The essence Of Service Marketing

Adrian Payne


Essence of Management Series


Services Marketing

Valarie A. Zeithaml, Mary Jo Bitner




Marketing Planning for services

Malcom Macdonald Adrian Payne


BH The Marketing Series








End term exam 40 marks and internal assessment 60 marks(quiz-10,case analysis-20,sectoral presentation-30)