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"My stint at Infinity has brought out various facets of my personality that were previously unknown to me. So, appears that I'm ripe for Citius, Altius, Fortius!!” - Suruchi Berry, Batch of 2007

Product & Brand Management

Contact Hours : 30 hrs
Credit : 1 Credit
Prerequisite : Marketing Management I, II
Instructor : Subrata Mazumdar


Course Objectives
The course aims to synchronize product and brand management processes. The student executives at the end of the intervention will generate:
•    A clear understanding of the two complimentary fields of business activity.
•    The creation of a ‘Product’ and its performance both at the conceptual and market level.
•    Sustenance and leveraging of product categories.
•    Emergence of Brands.
•    Understanding various strategic implications of brands.
•    Brand sustenance.
•    Understanding brand equity.
•    Financial performance of Brands.


The students will be able to look at various companies at National and International level and map the growth of products and brands. They would understand and appreciate the current competitive environment, assimilate how brands and products vie for the mind share of the consumer.

They will understand the theory and application of key portfolio models .            
They will apply elements of IMC  to building of products and brands.

Task:    Final Project presentation on chosen brand

Evaluation Matrix

Class Participation             15%
Presentations                    15%
Quiz                20%
Final Project Presentation    25%
End Term Examination    25%
Total                100%


Product Management- Lehmann & Winner- TATA  McGraw Hill.
Strategic Brand Management- Kevin Lane Keller- Pearson Group.


Brand Portfolio Strategy    - David A. Aaker – Freedom Press
Building strong Brands-  David. A . Aaker-  Freedom Press
Product Management in India- Mazumdar- Prentice Hall

Implementation matrix






Instructor facilitation


The learning will happen through the combination of all tools as mentioned in the implemetation matrix.


Group 5 / Household Product

Case Study /Book Review    40 mins


Group 7 / Product Policy Strategy

Facilitation 30 mins


Group 9 / Branding Intel

Quiz            20 mins


Group 11 / Book Review Ch. 1

Film Clips   30 mins


Group 13 / Nike Global Brand

Articles & Reports    30 mins


Group 15 / Book Review Ch.2/Case



Group 1 / Book Review Ch. 4/Case



Group 3 / Book Review Ch. 12/Case



Group 2 /Case Study Nivea





Group 4 / Case Study Coca Cola Spanish Virtual Community



Group 6 / Ch. 8 New Product Dev & the net



Group 8 / Case Study Brands Lifescript



Group 10 / to be given later



Group 12 / to be given later



Final Project Presentations









Session Plans

Level 1




Student Inputs

Sessions 1-2

Understanding Marketing Plan

Defining Competetive set

To study Chapters 2 , 3 ,4 of the text Lehmann & Winer

Category Attractiveness Analysis


Sessions 3-4

Customer Analysis

CA with respect to Product mgmt.

To study the corresponding chapters of the text

Needs Benefit Analysis

Study of VALS

Sessions 5-6

New Product Development

Line Extension

Lehmann & Winer ch. 9 Appendix 9A & 9B

New Product Ideation Product Testing New Product

Forecasting Brand Extensions

Case Intel Corp. Branding an ingredient

Class Activity

The students will discuss the following issues from the corresponding chapters

What is the importance of a marketing plan for the company

What is the relationship between the marketing plan and the creation of new products

How can VALS be used for understanding  product acceptance and consumer behaviour of specific human clusters

To raise issues with relation to category attractiveness over product life cycle

Case presentation:        Household products India Ltd ©

Concept Presentation:  Product Policy and Strategy

Discussion:                    Marketing intangible products and product intangibles

Case presentation:         Branding an ingredient - Intel

Level 2

Sessions 7-8

Consumer Based Brand Equity [CBBE]

Customer based Brand Equity Pyramid

Keller ch. 2

What is brand equity? CBBE: Keller’s Model Aaker’s BE Model


What is Brand Equity? By David Aaker

Advantage: Strong Brands Brand Identity Elements Brand Mantra



Sessions  9-10

Leveraging Secondary Brand Associations

Company Place/Country of Origin Distribution

Keller ch. 7

Co-branding Licensing Celebrity Events


Class Activity

The students will discuss the following issues from the corresponding chapters

What did you understand by the term " Brand Equity"?

What is the relationship between Brand Equity and Brand Identity?

What are the elements that go onto enhance the brand identity?

Do companies think through convergence or divergence to create Brand Identity in the long run?

Book Review:    The Great Tree of Life - Chapter 1    Origin of Brands By Al & Laura Ries

Book Review:    The Great Tree of Life - Chapter 2    Origin of Brands By Al & Laura Ries

Book Review:    The Great Tree of Life - Chapter 4    Origin of Brands By Al & Laura Ries

Case Presentations: Nike - Building a Global Brand ( Other cases will be identified later)

Session 11


To review the curriculum covered so far and work on the ingredients for the final project

final Project topics

The emerging brand Bennett Coleman & Co as a multi dimensional media company.Analyse and comment on the group's growth strategy

The impact of Power Brand Strategy of Unilever. The strategic implication of Hindustan Unilever logo nationally and globally

The emergence indian FMCG brands like Dabur,Marico etc

A commentary on emergence of brands like Café Coffee Day, Barista and similar brands

The reincarnation of Tata sons with the unification of Tata brands.The branding implications on Brand value of Tata.                                                                                                     The reinvention and struggle of Bajaj Auto from a scooter to a motorbike company.                                                                                   The branding of the Indian Music Industry - its impact on retail music stores across the country.

Sessions 12- 13

Leveraging Secondary Brand Associations

Keller ch. 7

Company Place/Country of Origin Distribution


Co-branding Licensing Celebrity Events


Sessions 14- 15

Brand Equity Measurement System

Keller ch. 8

Brand Value Chain Brand Tracking Studies

Research Tools for Brand Audit Project

Brand Management Tools PBM Exercises

Case: Coke’s New Vending Machine

The Digital Brand


Sessions 16- 17

The Digital Brand


The Global Brand &


Future Perspective on PBM




Level 3

Sessions 18- 24

Final Project Presentations


Web References
Brand Valuation
Brand Equity