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"My stint at Infinity has brought out various facets of my personality that were previously unknown to me. So, appears that I'm ripe for Citius, Altius, Fortius!!” - Suruchi Berry, Batch of 2007

Sales & Distribution Management

Contact Hours : 30 hrs
Credit : 1 Credit
Prerequisite : None
Instructor : P.C. Mehra


Course Objectives:
1. To sensitize the student to the function of SDM and develop a hands-on knowledge.
2. To develop the skill sets for creating & managing a sales & distribution network.


Teaching approach:

The approach will be hands-on through active field work in the market place. Besides conceptual learning which will involve case discussions and assignments.


Evaluation:    Case discussions/class participation             20%
Quizzes    (n-1)                                             20%
Term Project                                  20%
End term exam                     40%


Reference Books:

1. Sales Management- Decisions, Strategies & Cases :
Cundiff, Still & Govoni   (Prentice Hall)
2. Marketing Channels: Coughlan, Anderson, Stern & El Ansary
(Prentice Hall/ Pearson) 7th ed.
3.    Sales & Distribution Management-Text & Cases, Havaldar & Cavale (Tata McGraw Hill) 2007 ed.
4. Sales & Distribution Management, Panda & Sahadev, Oxford University Press, 2005 ed.


Term Project

A term project will be required to be done by each student, in groups not exceeding 6 students each. Groups may be formed by the class. Names of group members should be emailed to reach the instructor before the second class along with a brief outline of the proposed project.


Task:  Identify any FMCG product and study how the Sales & Distribution activity operates in the market.
a)To do this assignment the groups will visit the local Gurgaon wholesale & retail markets where that product is sold; chart the complete flow backwards and forward as relevant for Gurgaon district; study all elements affecting distribution;
b) Map the Sales structure of the company and the sales force deployed to cover the markets, including details of their territorial alignment, beat plan, reporting norms.


1.    After session 10, all groups will be required to present their preliminary findings in the class. Non readiness or inadequate work done will attract 5% penalty.  A presentation schedule will be drawn by lots in class.
2.    A written report, not exceeding 20 A4 pages, Arial, 12 font, including annexures but excluding any questionnaires (optional) must be submitted on the last class day. Failure to meet this deadline will result in a “F” grade in the complete component.






























10 -12






13 - 15
































  • Overview of Sales & Distribution
  • Functions performed by channels
  • Role of SDM in the marketing mix


  • Distribution structure & forms
  • Channels for FMCG  & Industrial products
  • Types of channels and their attributes and role
  • Retailing
  • Franchising


  • Evolving a Distribution Strategy
  • How do channels behave
  • Understanding distribution needs
  • Aligning consumer buying needs
  • Evolving a structure & design
  • Putting a structure in place

  • Managing  Channels
  • Evaluating channels
  • Channel Power & conflict
  • Channel motivation
  • Conflict resolution


  • Physical distribution & logistics
  • Issues in physical distribution
  • Developing & Managing the supply chain distribution/logistics
  • Issues in inventory management


  • Personal Selling
  • Functions of personal selling
  • Personal selling process
  • Handling objections
  • Closing a sale


  • Sales Structure
  • Understanding sales structures
  • Integrating structure with distribution strategy
  • Primary & secondary structure


  • Managing the sales force
  • Issues in sales force management
  • Recruiting, training & motivating
  • Sales compensations



  • Managing a Territory
  • Earmarking territories & load planning
  • Coverage plans extensive vs intensive
  • New markets vs existing markets


  • Controlling the sales effort
  • Setting targets & budgets
  • Reporting & analysis
  • Sales meetings/reviews






R: VAT- the guide for dummies




R: Planning The Distribution Function in an Organization





C: Maxwell Industries

R: Customer-driven distribution systems.

R: Channel Conflict : when is it dangerous

C: Barnes & Noble (In session 8)

R: What is the Right Supply Chain for your product?

R: Humanize Your Selling Strategy.




C: Electrical Product Co.

C: KKN India Ltd. ( In session 17)



R: Sales Force Work Load and Territory Analysis

Submission & Presentation of Project Reports