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An Infinite Advantage

Over the last nine years students at Infinity Business School have emerged with confidence and a skill set that has gained them immediate success in jumpstarting their careers. Even more importantly many of our Alumni have successfully changed the trajectory of their career paths and are now experiencing a higher orbit as they enter middle Management. This success encompasses areas as diverse as Banking and Finance, Research and Analytics, Marketing and Brand Management, Public Relations and Event Management, Hospitality and Travel Industry, Training and Human Resource Development. Whereas there are several reasons that have contributed to the foregoing success, the following factors give our students an Infinite advantage:


Contemporary and Progressive Curriculum:

The Curriculum at Infinity builds a strong management foundation and is delivered in an ambient environment, which supports discussion and creativity. Infinity students are encouraged to develop skill sets such as critical thinking and analysis and soft skills such as teamwork, leadership and communication. The Institute runs its proprietary course on Personality enhancing Program across three-credit course over the two year period. All students need to clear 21 compulsory credits during the first year.


During the second year Infinity offers four areas of specialization involving electives in Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Development and Entrepreneurship. Infinity is recognized as having the most practically relevant and proprietary courses in Globonomics and Wealth Management given the contemporary course content. The same program has been run by Infinity’s own faculty as a 30 hour workshop for students at the Faculty of Management Studies during the last two years. The pedagogy encourages a strong sense of ethics and a balance of pedantic and practical knowledge. This has held our students in good stead and makes them very appealing to top employers.


Top Class Faculty

Infinity’s Fractional Faculty model allows it to attract outstanding faculty from India’s top Business schools. At Infinity a large part of the faculty is drawn from institutes such as the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) Faculty of Management Studies (FMS),Indian School Business (ISB Hyderabad) and Management development Institute (MDI) among others. Even more importantly the Institute has been able to attract and cherry pick Departmental Heads and senior faculty from these top schools.  In addition the Institute encourages a judicious mix of running workshops using sought-after professional trainers, consultants and exceptional practicing managers to create an invigorating Classroom experience. We go to great lengths to ensure that students are exposed to the most dynamic, creative and accomplished minds in the field of academia.


Excellent Infrastructure

Infinity Business School is housed in an independent state of the art building in Institutional Sector 32 at Gurgaon. The School shares an excellent neighbourhood with some of India’s leading companies such as McKinseys, ITC, Adidas, Ranbaxy, SmithKline Beecham and the Future Group.  A modern Sport Complex and the cutting edge Medi-City are within a stone’s throw of the Institute.  The Institute will gain tremendously as the Metro line from Delhi Secretariat to Gurgaon commences in July 2010 given its proximity (less than 2 miles) from the closest Gurgaon Metro station.

A Collaborative Environment

Infinity attracts the best Faculty across the country. However, the Institute fully recognises the need to blend its pedantic prowess with the right corporate network. The school has painstakingly built significant partnerships with the corporate sector to ensure strong relationships that are symbiotic in nature.


Inbuss has benefited immensely from the guidance gained from its eminent Board of Governors. The Board of Governors include the Chairman and Founder Neeraj Batra and several leading business heads of multinational companies such as Ajay Relan (Ex India Head-Private Equity, Citibank), Vishal Pandit (Market Manager – India, Hewitt Associates), Gunit Chadha (Co-CEO Asia Pacific, Deutsche Bank), Rajiv Inamdar, (MD, Heidricks & Struggle KMC), Deepak Gupta (Country Head & MD, Korn/Ferry International) Dr. A.S. Narag (Ex-Dean, FMS), and  Vishwavir Ahuja (Ex Country Manager & MD Bank of America).


A careful screening process ensures selection of students whose aptitude for a management career scores high. Over the two year period Infinity educates, mentors and counsels these students to ensure they are in a state of preparedness to meet the challenges of a competitive and creative corporate world. This collaborative ethos involving faculty, corporate network, students and alumni has great synergistic advantages a fact validated by the sustained rate of success of our students in the marketplace.


Individual Attention & Mentoring Program

Infinity was one of the pioneers of the mentoring system in India. At Infinity every student is given a bespoke experience. The school provides a mentor for a small group of students. This support is available during the two years of the program. However several students have counseled with their mentors even 7 years after passing out from the school serving as a great testimonial to its success.


The students are given support, counseling for professional and personal issues. The assigned mentor tracks the academic and other achievements of each student closely. The support extends to career counseling in the final year and the student is given personal advice for planning resumes, choice of companies and feedback on mock interviews and group discussions.  The school uses its group email and Facebook groups and pages to keep a strong informal loop of communication and bonding with its existing students and alumni.


Ongoing Placement Support

Infinity Business School has enjoyed exceptional placement success since its inception. By graduation a minimum of 90 percent Infinity students had job offers every year.  In many years the placement success rate was higher than 95 %.  The Placement support at Infinity is a contiguous and ongoing process. Infinity has a dedicated team of motivated professionals who use the extensive network of the Governing Board members and the school’s partnerships with leading Indian Companies. Each year, Infinity’s Placement Services office works with a large database of Companies who hire Management Trainees.  During the year 2009-10 Infinity marketed and presented its Graduating Batch to nearly 300 Companies. Not surprisingly, Business India rated Infinity an A+ Business School at par with several leading Business Schools of India.


The financial and career success of several of our alumni who are drawing salaries in excess of Rs 20 lakhs per annum is just one more testimonial to the perfect formula of academic and practical knowledge gained at Inbuss.

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