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Inbuss Highlights

"Only as high as I reach, can I grow. Only as far as I see, can I go. Only as deep as I look, can I see. Only as much as I dream, can I be…" - Nitish Chopra, Batch of 2007

Management Philosophy

An educational institute helps to spark curiosity and fuel a desire for achievement. A relentless focus on enhancing creative, interpersonal and entrepreneurial skills is what we’ve added to the process. It is no secret that education delivers dividends over the long term and the management is extremely confident that at Inbuss, we have created an environment that lays the seeds for that constant metamorphosis. Infinity Business School pioneered the concept of Mentoring for its students starting its first batch, a practice now been widely accepted and followed by leading Business Schools across the country. Every successful year embarks upon greater expectations and hence increased responsibilities. This further strengthens our resolve to meet these challenges. We aim to achieve this by providing a collaborative environment that emphasizes mutual respect, individual initiative, innovation, and a continuous strive towards excellence.


Our educational mission also transcends the boundaries of what has traditionally been taught. An innovative and relevant curricula needs to be fostered with a clear focus on developing creative skills, thinking skills, problem solving skills and encourage individual decision making by taking responsibility for one’s actions. We desire to create a community at Inbuss that is founded on the bedrock of honesty, humility, responsibility, respect, courage and determination. It is the foundation of our individual performance and also our professional excellence. The Management is also cognizant of embracing a culture that encourages service, outreach and accepts diversity.


As Inbuss continues to evolve as an institute of learning that is progressive in its approach, the feedback from the corporate world has always encouraged us and provided us the much needed ‘pat-on-the back’- a quiet assurance that we are on the right track. So even as we replicate what has been appreciated, we continue to tweak every process and thought to keep adding value to our students. We also intend to maintain lifetime relationships with our alumni in ways that they further their career ambitions as also help in spreading the basic philosophy of its alma mater.


Inbuss prides with a unique and progressive management style, wherein the institute is managed and administered by a team of professional Business Managers thereby demarcating faculty from management. This takes us to a   distinct result driven approach that facilitates a smooth functioning of the institute, lending a corporate flavour to its approach and keeping in mind the basic tenets of the institute’s key philosophy.