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Interview with Juhi Kashyap


Juhi Kashyap

Class of 2008

Currently employed with Goldman Sachs


Infinity’s Corporate Club interviewed Juhi Kashyap, our first student at Goldman Sachs. Juhi got placed with a leading KPO Adventity where she worked for a year before moving on to Goldman Sachs. She received training at Goldman Sachs, New York and is currently posted there as an Investment Banking Analyst.


Q: Share with us a little bit of your background and your career history.

Juhi: Prior to my Post graduation in Finance and Marketing from Infinity, I was working at Kotak Mahindra Bank from May 2005-May2006 as a Service officer. I was working for the operations department and along with it cross-selling banking products to customers. After Kotak, I got a campus placement at Adventity Global Services, where I worked from April 2008-April 2009 as an Investment Banking Analyst catering to the Middle East region. After leaving Adventity I got placed at Goldman Sachs India Securities Private Ltd in Aug 2009 as an Analyst in the Investment Banking division catering to Financial Institutions Group (Americas). Recently, I got an offer from Goldman Sachs & Co. to join as an Investment Banking Analyst in the class of 2011 in the Financial Institutions Group in NY.


Q: You are working with Goldman Sachs for a while now. While you are still in your twenties, you are preparing pitch books, merger models, doing industrial analysis, conducting training sessions for new inductees and likewise. What are the particular pressures of a profile like that? And how do you manage to cope up?

Juhi: One’s understanding of financial valuations and techniques is very important in an investment banking profile and I try reading as much as I can about various sectoral valuations such as Asset management or Insurance or Specialty Finance etc. to keep pace with the changes that keep happening with the financial institutions sector.


Q: Joining Goldman Sachs as an Analyst during financial crisis must have been a bit like joining weather channel during a hurricane?

Juhi: I think I was fortunate enough to have gotten through a company like Goldman Sachs at the time of recession and I remember I joined Goldman in Aug 2009 and things had actually started to improve a bit in the financial services industry around that time period.


Q: Are you excited about the prospect of relocating to New York for an interesting role at Goldman Sachs?

Juhi: I am extremely happy and excited to join the NY office. I don’t feel like I am moving to a new place as I have already spent almost a year in Short Term Assignments. I share a great rapport with my colleagues in NY and more importantly I am looking forward to the extensive exposure in terms of projects and teams.


Q: How did Infinity help you in shaping your career?

Juhi: I feel Infinity shaped my personality really well. I honestly never thought I could speak out loud in front of a group but the first PEP presentation that I gave in front of the class itself made me realize that it’s not at all difficult to voice your thoughts and opinions in front of others. Now, after working for almost four yeas I believe that ones personality and approach to life is very important and Infinity apart from imparting knowledge actually enhanced my personality.


Q: How was the experience at Infinity after JMC?

Juhi: Infinity was obviously different as JMC is a college where there are hundreds of students and there is no personal touch but at Infinity, we had mentors and every teacher knew the student’s name. So, the personal approach really helps students a lot.


Q: You have worked in the United States earlier as a part of your training. Would you like to settle there or come back to India?

Juhi: I frankly don’t have an answer as I never ever imagined that I would be going to NY like a year back so no clue what future has in store for me.


Q: Do you think one can be successful if she/he is driven by the desire of financial pay-off instead of a passion for her work?

Juhi: I don’t think so because if one doesn’t feel passionate about their work, one won’t be able to show any commitment or dedication which will surely affect ones work in the long run and the initial financial pay-off will actually diminish. So, in all one should always enjoy what they do.

Q: Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Juhi: Not sure from a long-term perspective but from a short to medium-term perspective, I would definitely like to for now grow my knowledge level about the financial institutions sector so that I can probably later on move to various specific verticals of the industry.


Q: What do you think sets you apart as an individual at your workplace in comparison to students of other B-schools?

Juhi: I think that the biggest point is that I am never afraid to voice my thoughts and opinions in front of my seniors and the amazing faculty at Infinity definitely helped increase my knowledge level.