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Manish Gujral

“Sometimes the difference between Success and failure is ‘WANT’……. you’ve got to want it bad enough”


“As Warren Buffet puts it, you only have to do a very few things right in your life so long as you don't do too many things wrong.


My stint with Inbuss was one such (correct) thing in my life. When I reflect on the time spent at Inbuss and the succeeding 5 years at work, I see Inbuss as an ameliorator that transformed me into what I am today. This has further corroborated my belief that it’s choice and not chance that determines your destiny.


I have thoroughly my work life over the last 5 years. There are many lessons I have learnt in my short career, some more important than others. My strength and my success have solely been in my tenacity, something I had learnt at Inbuss. I would like to share some learning I have gathered.


Learn from mistakes - Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. Mistakes are a part of life and one should not brood over them. However, it is critical we learn from our mistakes and ensure that we do not repeat them.


Determination - Sometimes the difference between success and failure lies in the person's determination or want. If you take your eyes off the set goals, you will see yourself accepting failure and finding comfort under the alibi of self created hurdles. Never accept failure as the end, remember, winners never quit and quitters never win.


Perform to potential - It is only your desire and the stretch of your potential that should determine your goals. My learning is that one should not derive a sense of achievement by performing below potential in an easy paced environment that does not offer challenge, because, the correct benchmark is the entire world. Once the environment changes you will see yourself left wanting.”


Manish Gujral (Founder Batch 2001-2003)


One of the top academic performers of the founder batch, Manish secured placement from Campus with GE Countrywide (now GE Money). An achiever from the word go, Manish was heading the centralized call centre for GE Money as National Calling Manager. He worked with Development bank of Singapore’s India venture before moving to Mondial Assistance India (Alliance Group) where he is currently the General Manager.