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Akshay Nehru

“One's passion for excellence and perfection at work will lead to customer delight. Customer delight will lead to profits, fun and growth and if you’re not in business for profits, fun or growth, what on earth are you doing here!"


“Apart from a theoretical understanding of business and markets, that is provided by most MBA institutes, Infinity Business School provided me with learnings that cannot be found in the pages of books, research papers or case studies. Through its faculty and courses such as PEP it instilled
in me qualities that have proven to be invaluable throughout my professional career so far. Organizations above all value qualities such as loyalty, diligence and creativity from their people and vendors. It was traits such as these that were instilled in me throughout my time at Inbuss. Business models and theory will only take a person so far, the softer skills in life, the ability to negotiate, build relationships, manage expectations and think out of the box are some of the learnings from Inbuss that has provided me and consequently our organization with a much valued differentiation in a highly competitive market.


My memories of Inbuss are those of a remarkable blend of fun, hard work and learning, thus creating tremendous personal satisfaction.


I joined ACNielsen from Inbuss and worked in their qualitative research department. While at ACNielsen I worked on projects for several brands, including, ABN Amro, GM, Hero Honda, GSK, United Breweries, CII, Ministry of Defense and Airtel to name a few. My work entailed the creation of marketing and branding strategies utilizing consumer-based research. In 2005, I left ACNielsen and in partnership with 3 of my batch mates from Infinity Business School, set up a business research firm called Research Fusion Pvt. Ltd. ( In a short time span we have undertaken work from numerous clients across the globe including Australia, Spain, China, the US and UK. Our work involves:


• Creating strategies for companies to target niche product/ service markets in India.
• Providing clients with market overviews for countries in South East Asia
• Providing mobile operators across Africa and the Middle East with emerging wireless trends”


Akshay Nehru(Founder Batch 2001-2003)

At Research Fusion, Akshay’s role includes identifying new growth opportunities in the business information market, strengthening and forging new client partnerships. Being a small organization his role also spills over into providing analytical and strategic inputs for reports and presentations.