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Inbuss Highlights

"Inbuss is my first step to a bright future and a new life where I have the power to make my dreams come true. Here, I have discovered a whole new ME." - Ambika Dewan, Batch of 2006

The Post Graduate Programs in Management are delivered over two academic years and comprise the Post Graduate Program in General Management (PGPGM) and the Post Graduate Program in Functional Management (PGPFM). Students have an option to follow the PGPGM with the eleven-month PGPFM, which allows specializations in Finance, Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Human Resource Management. Infinity encourages students to seek a double major to allow greater latitude for employment. Thus 'Dual Specialization' is an option in the PGPFM.  Only those Students who successfully complete both the programs are offered Final Placement opportunities through the Institute.


Post Graduate Program in General Management (PGPGM)

This Eleven-month program is spread over three trimesters. The Program includes 21 Core Courses designed to provide a basic foundation in concepts, tools and techniques in various facets of management. The Pedagogy includes contemporary and template case studies, role-plays, T-group sessions and film clips. This Program also includes three Proprietary Courses created by Infinity including PEP, Introduction to Globonomics and Wealth Management. In addition, 12 discipline agnostic Liberal Arts Seminars are embedded into the PGPGM. These workshops aim at helping students get a better insight into their untapped potential and equip them with a strong foundation for a lifetime. The other courses encompass mutiple-disciple verticals in Accounting, Economics, Organizational Behavior, Quantitative Analysis, Finance, Marketing, Strategy and other management courses.


Upon completion of the three trimesters all students undergo a summer internship for 8-10 weeks in industry organized by the School. Upon successful completion of this 11 month period the Institute certifies and awards a Post Graduate Program in General Management.


Post Graduate Program in Functional Management (PGPFM)

This is an eleven-month program that allows students to specialize in Finance, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management or to pursue a dual specialization. Given the huge preference of recruiters to look at generalists in the early part of their career, the institute encourages students to adopt a Dual Specialization. However the decision to choose the elective rests solely with the students. The academic work is spread over three trimesters and has a mix of both compulsory and elective courses. The specialization courses allow students to concentrate on their area of interest and relevance. The pedagogy undergoes a change in this program with a series of live projects, term papers, seminars etc introduced to provide the practical exposure to today’s business world.


Upon successful completion of this program, the Institute awards a Post Graduate Program in the relevant functional management to the candidate.

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