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Faculty Speak

"I see in Infinity students, a flair for leadership as they balance academics and co-curricular activities with tact and motivation. It speaks volumes about the Institution working towards nurturing this learning ethos.” - Mr. N.Dhillon, Faculty member


Infinity Business School provides a radically different environment of learning. The program is designed to produce business managers who are equipped to think like entrepreneurs. The focus is more on real life  business situations than merely pedantic classroom teaching. A lot of emphasis has been laid on familiarity with global business trends, developing communication and presentation skills. High level of emphasis is placed on team and project work and the Institute favors an open book examination system. Peer rating has been used as a key criterion of evaluation to complete a 360° evaluation.


The methodology of teaching combines traditional books with case studies. However great care has been taken to create contemporary case studies and the latest management experiences from the West have been incorporated. Project work and market research forms the backbone of teaching and the Institute simulates the real job world to balance the process of pedantic quest for knowledge with ground realities.


Using lectures, case studies, teamwork, seminars, business simulations, and field research, all the courses combine theory with practical applications. Students are exposed to the latest practices and realities of today's business world thanks to the expertise of the faculty, the intervention of professionals in the field and the experience of their classmates. Relying heavily on the case study methodology, faculty encourages the active participation of students. Interaction with peers through class discussions, role plays and group work combined with student presentations provide each student extensive and unique opportunities to learn and grow.  Enough care is taken to ensure a contiguous year long evaluation and thus reducing the importance of just term end examinations.


Outside the classroom, Post Graduate students are expected to make a significant learning effort. For each course they should spend at least 40 hours for study, class projects and preparation. Work done outside of class is likely to consist of reading texts or articles, working problem sets, researching and writing papers, and preparing and discussing cases in small study groups.


The Unique Peer Rating Concept is again something that is proprietary to Infinity Business School. We present to each student a rating matrix on various interpersonal and group behavior traits such as flexibility, diligence, empathy, team player, creativity etc. This input across various parameters is provided by the peer group and is also made available to the recruiter to aid the decision for a holistic view on the candidate.


A unique feature of our Program is a proprietary course on Personality Enhancement (PEP), which focuses on developing and enhancing soft skills and the overall personality of our students, a key requirement for budding global managers. The course content, which is embedded into the curriculum through the six trimesters, ranges from developing communication and interpersonal skills to self esteem enhancement, grooming, etiquette and creative skills. As business managers, they are taught negotiation skills, lateral and creative thinking and developing soft skills.


Similarly given its increased relevance a special course on Globonomics and Wealth Management was added to the offerings. This encompasses the macroeconomic linkages and the intricate correlation between Monetary policies of various countries. It also introduces the students to the entire gamut of Wealth Management across different asset classes such as Traditional Fixed Income, Equities, Commodities, Art, Gold & Diamonds. It educates the class on global financial phenomenon & issues with extensive coverage on contemporary topics such as Yen Carry forward trade, sub prime crisis, decoupling theory, de-leveraging etc. This is our proprietary course and is delivered by Mr. Neeraj Batra at the Faculty of Management Studies, New Delhi also.



Infinity Business School regularly updates the pedagogy, course offerings and the contents to keep in tune with the contemporary needs of the Business Community.

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