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What is meant by Post Graduate Programs in Management?

The Post Graduate Programs in Management are delivered over two academic years and comprise the Post Graduate Program in General Management (PGPGM) and the Post Graduate Program in Functional Management (PGPFM). Students have an option to follow the PGPGM with the eleven-month PGPFM, which allows specializations in Finance, Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Human Resource Management. Infinity encourages students to seek a double major to allow greater latitude for employment. Thus 'Dual Specialization' is an option in the PGPFM.  Only those Students who successfully complete both the programs are offered Final Placement opportunities through the Institute.


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Where does Infinity Business School stand in B-School rankings?

Infinity Business School does not participate in Business School Rankings. Following independent surveys have ranked us without participation.

•   Infinity Business School has been rated as an A+ level institute by the Business India B-Schools ranking survey.
    Click here to see the result of the survey.

•   SiliconIndia's comprehensive independent salary and career growth survey of management graduates from TOP
    100 B-Schools of India ranked Infinity Business School at 37. Click here to see the result.


Does one need to give the CAT/ MAT/ GMAT exam for admission?

Admissions for the Post Graduate Program in General Management (PGPGM) program are conducted through an elaborate procedure comprising of an online test (the Infinity Self Administered Test or ISAT) followed by an essay writing exercise and personal interview.


Starting this year, as a convenience to students, Inbuss will also accept scores of some other tests. Students who have secured a CAT score of 75 percentile or more / MAT score of 85 percentile or more / GMAT score of 600+, need not take the ISAT conducted by Inbuss. They can submit their application form and be directly included in the essay writing stage of the selection process.


Students who have successfully completed the 11-month PGPGM are directly offered admission into the PGPFM.


What is the structure of the admission test?

The proprietary admission test aims to test not only the analytical abilities but also examine the practical quotient of aspiring students. The test has a unique balance of testing sections which provides equal opportunity of performance to arts, science and commerce students. Towards this, the ISAT is divided into sections such as:



Section No


No. of Questions

Section I

Verbal Ability


Section II

Reading Comprehension


Section III

Mental Maths


Section IV

Data Interpretation


Section V

Contemporary Awareness


Section VI

Critical Reasoning


Section VII

Advanced Maths OR Abstract Thinking


Section VIII

Lateral Thinking



Total Questions



Here is a sample question paper for ISAT


Can this test be taken at any other centre apart from Gurgaon?

No, the test and the subsequent essay writing and Interviews would be conducted and administered only in Gurgaon.


What documents would be required for submission at the time of admission?

At the time of admission, the following documents would need to be submitted:


  • - Proof of date of birth
  • - Class X Marksheet
  • - Class XII Marksheet
  • - Second year mark sheet of graduation degree course (if candidate has just appeared for  the final year examinations) or Final mark sheet of graduation degree course (if candidate has completed degree)
  • - Photocopy of CAT/MAT/GMAT score sheet if applicable.


Are essay writing and interviews part of the selection process?

As a part of the admission process, all candidates shortlisted after the ISAT shall necessarily have to go through essay wrting process and interviews.


What kind of weightage does work-ex carry during selection?

There is no defined weightage given to work experience. All candidates are evaluated on the basis of their performance in the ISAT and the subsequent essay writing process and interviews.Our experience suggests that students with a relevant work experience of 18 months or higher tend to convert their interview calls.


How many students are admitted by you?

Our intake is restricted to a maximum of 90 students per year so as to have a quality and interactive teaching-learning environment providing students with the best possible personal attention and support of the Faculty. Keeping the class & batch size to the right nos. also enables the students to make optimum use of the state of the art infrastructure and facilities of the school and maintain a desirable student teacher ratio.


I didnt make it last year, can I reapply?

Yes, you can reapply. You will need to fill a fresh application and participate in the admission process (Please note that you cannot reapply within the same academic year).


What makes your Institute different from other Institutes that are offering Post Graduate Programs in Management?

Infinity Business School has been successfully running a high quality program for the last 10 years. We have top end faculty drawn from the leading institutes of the country, the most contemporary curriculum and an excellent placement record since our inception. To know more about the advantages Infinity offers to its students, please visit our section An Infinite Advantage.




Is the program residential? If not, are outstation candidates assisted in acquiring accommodation?

The institute at this stage does not have a hostel facility, however specific references for PG accommodations would be provided on a case to case basis with no responsibility of Infinity Business School. For further information please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


What is the nature of computing facilities available?

Inbuss has a state-of-the-art computer lab with a Windows NT 2000 LAN server feeding 40 multimedia nodes connected across a local area network (LAN) with 24-hour access to the Internet. The software library includes Windows XP, Office 2007, Lotus SmartSuite, DbaseV, E-views, QSB+, SQL, etc. All these packages can be accessed from any node attached to the LAN. The classrooms, discussion rooms and the library are also connected to the network.


Will I need to buy my own books?

Inbuss has a well-stocked library that offers users access to a wide range of both printed and electronic resources with a firm emphasis on rapid access to latest information. The library has a stock of around 1000 volumes covering not only various aspects of management and business, but also related developments in the world of economics, accounting, finance, behavioral sciences and information technology. In addition, the library also has a substantial collection of journals and reference manuals for various purposes. Students can avail of the library facility and choose to buy books only if they wish to. Specific reading material is handed over from time to time which is not to be paid for.


What are the Support systems available in the Institute ?

You would find all the facilities here as should be available in a Premier B School such as Hi-tech Classrooms, hygienic Café, well stocked modern Library, Computer Lab, WiFi, Gym, excellent Convention Centre as well as opportunities to network with our Alumni.


Do you provide Hostel facilities? If yes, what are the Charges? If No, where will I be staying?

  • - Inbuss will assist students to find accommodation near the campus
  • - The apartments/P.G are safe and comfortable and at close proximity to  basic utilities like  the bus stand, hospital, market etc. and close to the School as well.
  • - The apartments are also close to the multiplexes, Stadium, shopping malls & restaurants to cater to the recreational needs of the students.
  • - Charges will be based on the class of accommodation desired.


What are the transport facilities available for students?

  • - Transport facilities connecting the city are adequate.
  • - Transport-wise, other than the existing Public Bus Service, DELHI METRO RAIL is also functional now. The closest station is at a distance of 2 km from the Institute.
  • - Three-wheelers for journey form the campus to city and vice-versa is available at all times.
  • - Inbuss also assist students in forming car pools





What is the fee structure?

The Post-Graduate Programs in Management are spread over two full time programs of 11 months duration each. First year of the Post Graduate Program focuses on General Management. Students have an option to follow this with the second year of the Post Graduate Program which allows specialisations in Finance, Marketing, HR or dual specialisation thereof.


The fee structure for the program covers tuition, a portion of course material, access to and the use of the Library, the Computer Centre and charges for the embedded Soft Skills & Personality Enhancement Program.


Fee Schedule for the Post Graduate Program in General Management (PGPGM): First Year

Due Date

Amount of Fees (Rs.)

Upon Confirmation of Admission


12th July, 2011


6th October, 2011


14th December 2011



6,00,000 *


Students who have successfully completed the 11-month PGPGM are directly offered admission into the Second Year i.e. PGPFM.


Fee Schedule for the Post Graduate Program in Functional Management (PGPFM): Second Year


The following is the fee schedule applicable for the candidate who have succesfully completed the 11-month PGPGM from Inbuss.


Due Date

Amount of Fees (Rs.)

Upon Confirmation of Admission


12th July, 2012


11th October, 2012



3,70,000 *


* As per latest notification no. 8/2009-ST dated February 24, 2009 of Service Tax Act, 10% Service Tax and 3% Educational Cess are to be levied on the fees, which are in addition to the above. (These service tax and educational cess rates are subject to change as per government guidelines).


If I do not get selected is the application fee refundable?

No. The application fee is non-refundable.


Do you offer any scholarships?

The School has instituted following Scholarships to be awarded to the students :


Chairman’s Scholarships : Offered to deserving candidates at the time of admission into the program based on superior academic performance or relevant work experience.


Meritorious Scholarships : Awarded for Academic Excellence upon completion of PGPGM. This category encompasses the top three performers in every academic year.


Scholarships under the merit-cum-financially challenged category: This scholarship is awarded to students who qualify on the basis of a minimum performance benchmark can apply for these at the end of first year.


Sudarshan Batra Scholarship for the Ideal Infinite : Every year,this scholarship is awarded to a student who best personifies the qualities of sincerity, responsibility and enthusiasm that Inbuss stands for. For further information, please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


If I decide to withdraw from the programme, can I get my tuition refunded?

It depends on the timing of your decision. The refund is governed by the refund policy prevailing at that time. The refund policy is stated on the student acceptance agreement signed by all students at the time of joining the program.


Will I get a Bank Loan ?

Absolutely, along with the admission offer letter, we provide you with a Bank purpose letter to facilitate the process of getting Bank Loan easily. Infinity Business School has alliances with leading banks that offer education loans to students offered admission in the Post Graduate Program in Business Management. For more information, please contact Admission Office.





When do the classes for the Post Graduate Program courses commence?

Classes of the Post Graduate Program courses commence in the first week of July every year.

How intense is the course?

The Post Graduate Program courses are very comprehensive and, hence, intense. There is stress on not just the theoretical learning, but also, on practical application through the usage of projects and live case studies. The school insists on atleast an 85% attendance requirement to be eligible for a PGPGM.


What are the specializations offered?

At Inbuss, students can opt for a specialization during the Second Year i.e. 11-month Post Graduate Program in Functional Management (PGPFM) in any one of the following management streams:

  • - Marketing
  • - Finance
  • - Human Resource Development
  • - Entrepreneurship

Students decide themselves on their specialization choices although the institute does encourage a dual specialisation.


Can I pursue other educational courses outside Inbuss?

No, the institute does not allow students to pursue any full-time educational qualifications outside of its campus, the reason being that the Post Graduate Courses are intensive and tightly packed during the entire year. The courses would need your commitment and focus. Apart from academics, students are involved in a series of out-of-the-classroom learning activities like live projects, seminars, workshops, etc.


Is Infinity Business School recognized by AICTE?

Infinity Business School is an Autonomous Institute and does not have an accreditation from AICTE or an affiliation with any University. All students are advised to fully understand the ramifications of the same.


Are there any tie-ups with foreign universities?

No, at the moment, there are no tie-ups of this nature.


What are the other non-academic activities in Inbuss?

At Inbuss, the goal is to ensure the all-round development of the individual and outside of the classroom environment, there are a host of other activities that are directed to ensure this.

Some of these are:

  • - Offsite @ Mussorie Offsite @ Corbett Freshers Welcome
  • - Mentor Lunch Kasparov's Revenge Annual Diwali Nite
  • - Stock Market Game Double Shuffle Farewell
  • - Starry Starry Night 20 - 20 Inter-School Festivals





Does the Institute guarantee placements?

Inbuss does not guarantee placements.  However there is a dedicated marketing team working throughout the academic year to build relationships with corporates. Every effort is made to ensure that enough companies visit the campus for final placements, which are offered to those students who complete both the PGPGM and the PGPFM program.


What has been the placement record for the last year?

Since its inception, Inbuss has gone through five final placement and six summer placements. In this very short span of time, it has been successful in attracting several reputed names in the industry - foreign/private banks, marketing/FMCG companies, management consultancy firms, research organizations and so on to participate in its placements.


In the last round of Final Placements 2009, 100% of the students were placed with an average salary of Rs. 5,43,000 per annum. The highest salary at campus was Rs. 700,000 per annum and the lowest Rs. 350,000 per annum. Equally encouraging statistic is the median salary, which stands at Rs. 5,40,000 per annum.


Similarly, for Summer Placements 2009, the entire PGPGM junior batch was placed for summer internships with some of the best companies in the country.


For more details on the placements, please click here


Please name some of the companies that visited campus during the last placement process.

Some of the companies that have visited the Inbuss campus during the past two summer placement processes are:

  • - ABN Amro
  • - Bank of America
  • - Frito Lays (PepsiCo)
  • - Gini & Jony
  • - Ernst & Young
  • - G.E.Countrywide
  • - Standard Chartered Bank
  • - CII
  • - Prudential ICICI Life Insurance
  • - Deutsche Bank
  • - Taj Group of Hotels


(For the complete list of companies please click here)



What about industrial training or Internship?

Infinity Business School help its student get internships in reputed Orgainzations. Every effort is made to ensure that enough companies visit the campus for summer placements, which are offered to those students who complete the PGPGM.





Can you tell me something more about the faculty?

Inbuss prides itself on the quality of its faculty, all of whom are drawn from the leading institutions in the country such as the IIMs, MDI, FMS and so on. There are 34 highly distinguished faculty members who run the 49 courses that are taught as part of the Post Graduate Program in General Management (PGPGM) curriculam. They are all highly distinguished in their respective areas of study and very committed to educating young minds.


Faculty members are responsible for the devising and development of the content of the course that they are administering. In addition, they are also responsible for evaluation of students performance during the trimester by way of administering live projects, presentations and examinations.


Students seeking clarification of doubts or guidance can approach faculty members anytime during the duration of their respective course.


Is faculty available for assistance outside of class hours?

With prior appointments, the students can approach faculty members for guidance outside of class hours.