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Corporate Voice

"The teaching methodology at Inbuss is differentiated by intensive interaction with industry leaders- this makes Infinity students very special. Infinity students have performed well and I am looking forward to continuing our association with the school.” - Mr. Makarand Khatavkar, Head Human Resources, South Asia, Deutsche Bank, A.G.

Placements are the most critical aspect of any professional management program. They are the final destination or the culmination of a management student’s journey towards starting a career. Placement Planning is a proactive and ongoing process at Inbuss. Strong efforts are made throughout the year to improve placement opportunities for the students. A dedicated placement team works towards building and strengthening the institute-industry relationship. This team is aided by the Corporate Club – a student body that is formed with the purpose of involving students in the placement processes – reaching out to new companies, generating higher awareness about Inbuss and its Campus Placement Program and ensuring a smooth run of the various recruitment processes.


The placement team at Inbuss closely interacts with the Industry wherein regular feedback is sought, whether for short-term projects, summer assignments or for students inducted during Final Placements. The cutting edge curriculum includes a number of proprietary courses and other contemporary courses designed in-house or in collaboration with the industry. The course content places great emphasis on enhancing soft skills and is revised regularly to gear students towards the ever-changing needs of the corporate world.  These, along with the outstanding faculty that students are exposed to, are some of the key reasons why Inbuss has managed to attract the best names from Industry over the last six years.


The alumni of Inbuss, our ambassadors to the corporate world, also contribute to the strengthening of these processes. They have, by the means of their performance, ensured that each company that hires from Inbuss visits us again year on year.


It is no wonder then, that over the years, leading banks, some of the best and fastest growing consultancy and research firms, numerous marketing and FMCG companies and many new-genre media, retail and real estate companies have recruited from Inbuss. Inbuss has also repeatedly proven itself as a preferred recruitment ground for a host of asset management, broking and insurance companies.


All students who join the 11-month full time PGPGM are provided Summer Internships. As summer interns, these students are exposed to real-life corporate practices as they play their role in their respective organizations. Often they work on real-time projects, their research and findings being practically implemented by firms, further establishing the credibility of the institute.


Students who have completed both the PGPGM and PGPFM are provided final placements where once again, leading firms visit Inbuss to recruit students.


Be it Summer or Final, Placement Time, on the whole, is a period of hectic activity as students participate in group discussions, written tests and personal interviews as they vie to be selected by their dream companies. Placement time is that time of the year students wait anxiously for, the day all the work and their capabilities are put to test!