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Interview with Rashmi Nain

Rashmi Nain


Class of 2003


Currently employed with CRISIL Risk and Infrastructure Solutions


Rashmi Nain is extremely insightful and a thorough professional and her achievements have definitely done her family and Infinity proud


Designation:    Head - International Business


Campus Placement:   Ernst & Young India Private Limited



Career Path:

Ernst & Young (India)                        
Deloitte Consulting (US) Assistant Manager 2006
KPMG (India) Associate Director 2006-11
CRISIL Head - I B 2011-Present


Life Quote: "Don't let the noise of other's opinions drown out your own inner voice."


Q: Please share with us your career history till now.

Rashmi: I started with an Internship at Bank of America's Client Management team in 2002 and went on to get placed on campus with Ernst & Young. I spent almost three years in the Transaction Advisory Services practice focusing on the Infrastructure sector in India. This was followed by a five year stint with KPMG's Corporate Finance team. I focused on private placement and M&A transactions in the Real Estate and Infrastructure sector. I am currently heading the International Business division at CRISIL.


Q: Eight years back when you entered the corporate world we were in a boom period. The economic landscape is very different today. What lessons did you learn from that success, that are still applicable today?

Rashmi: Having worked for almost nine years now, I have realized that changes in the economic reality will continue to throw different set of expectations and challenges. We all need to approach our work with great focus and passion, irrespective of economic scenario. This has made me realize the importance of giving it your best shot, always. If you work hard and put in the hours the corporate world will ultimately recognize your efforts and reward you.


Q: Can you recall which was your favorite class at Infinity?

Rashmi: I would say PEP. Most of the lessons I learnt in this program are applicable in my everyday work life.


Q: How did the mentor program at Infinity help you?

Rashmi: Infinity has the most amazing mentoring program. Today, I can say with ease that Inbuss gave me a lot of mentors. Beyond Mr. Batra, who was my assigned mentor and remains one of the prime inspirations for me, I still reach out to the other management members at Inbuss for guidance.


Q: What advice would you give to those starting a career in your field?

Rashmi: Creating a career in consulting requires one to be a continuous learner, astute observer and finally put in the long hours of grind. Many people spend a lot of time at their work which eventually has a negative impact on other aspects of their life. For me, it’s never been such a challenge because I love what I do. I enjoy my work and all that comes with it. Always remember: The only thing that distinguishes you from the next person is your attitude towards work.


Q: Do you think women successful in their career end up ignoring their personal life?

Rashmi: I strongly believe that regardless of gender, one has to decide what they want from life and go after it no matter what society or stereotypes dictate. If you love what you do, you’d enjoy going the extra mile and your success in your work would transcend to happiness and a sense of accomplishment even in your personal life.


Q: Walking down the memory lane, can you share some fond memories of Infinity or any particular incident?

Rashmi: Well, the first thing that comes to mind are the infamous “Red Eye Projects”. Still novices at time management, we used to pull several full-nighters trying to wrap up projects, taking printouts at the last minute, creating presentations. These were the best times I spent with my friends at Inbuss. These projects taught me so much about group work & time managements – lessons that remain with me till date. Ironically, Red Eye Projects aren’t so much fun in the real world!


Q: Is there anything that you would want to tell the management team at Infinity?

Rashmi: Thank you so much for expanding my world!