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Interview with Triven Gupta

Triven Gupta


Class of 2003


Currently employed with Grant Thornton, Gurgaon


Triven Gupta's lateral thinking has been inspiring to one and all. Bright and industrious, he has had a remarkable career path.


Designation:    Associate Director


Campus Placement:   Ernst and Young



Career Path:

Ernst and Young                        
Management Trainee                                            
AT Kearney Information Specialist 2004
Continental Exports Pvt. Ltd. Director 2004-07
Grant Thornton Associate Director 2007-Present


Achievements / Awards:

  • Led geographic focused delivery mechanism for the firm to develop India-Africa business at Grant Thornton.
  • Provided transaction and diligence support for select domestic and cross-border transactions at Grant Thornton.


Life Quote: "Life is a journey of learning - enjoy, experience and explore!"


Q: Kindly share with us your career history till date?

Triven: I have been purposefully employed since I finished school, but I really ventured into the ‘big bad world’ in my final year of my undergraduate program in Austin, Texas (USA). I started with a’’ firm – in a marketing role working on developing a business plan and pitching it to seed investors. I looked for greener (money) pastures and moved to the Silicon Valley to work with a technology consulting and outsourcing firm ( in the role of an operations manager which was a one of the most interesting learning experiences for me. I was part of the core team involved in the firms’ acquisition by TMP Worldwide in 2001. Post this, I moved to India, and enrolled at Inbuss. During the program I took on part time work to work on projects for the World Bank on Women and Child development. My final placement was on Day Zero with Ernst and Young (E&Y) in their consulting practice. After a year at E&Y, I moved to AT Kearney for a short 5 months and then set up an apparel sourcing business targeting the US and UK markets. In the summer of 2007, the market conditions became unfavorable for a small entrepreneur such as me, and I re-entered the professional workforce, joining Grant Thornton’s business advisory practice in Delhi. After four years of still being with the team, I am currently an Associate Director looking at the international strategy and global advisory vertical for the firm.


Q: You have had a unique opportunity of having worked in the US and then worked with some top Consulting firms in India. What according to you are the key differences in the Corporate Culture across the two countries?

Triven: I must say that it has been unique and both countries have had their distinct work cultures. The US is highly professional, fast paced and curt. On the other hand, India is still very relaxed, informal and personal in the way work is done. Though I must say, I have enjoyed and flourished in both environments


Q: Are you a big believer in planning for the future? Why?

Triven: Yes and no. Affirmative because it is important to know where you are going and how to get there. Every person must have a larger goal/vision in mind. On the other hand, if you plan too much and try only to go by plan, you miss out on the impulsive experiences that happen at the moment. IT is important to hear your inner self at every stage in life – we all have a calling in life for our career, but we should evaluate the same as and when new opportunities arise.


Q: How has the journey been from E & Y and AT Kearney to your own venture and then back to the corporate world (Grant Thornton)?

Triven: It has been one roller coaster ride. Don’t know if I would do things differently though. I have always believed in looking ahead and moving on. If it were any different I would not know the people I do may not have as many friends as I do today.


Q: After your successful graduation at University of Austin, Texas, what factors impressed you to join Infinity? How was your experience at Infinity Business School?

Triven: I joined Infinity for a number of reasons. It was a mix of personal, professional and also a lot to do with timing. I was impressed with the infrastructure, faculty and management. The coursework seemed very relevant for the Indian scenario and the location was very convenient. The experience took a bit getting used to. I was amongst select few who had work experience and also one of the oldest students in the class. It took a while to get used to being back in class but after some real world experience – it was good to be back in class. The last time to have some fun again!


Q: Would you want turn an entrepreneur again?

Triven: Yes – just a matter of time. Either by self or with a group of similar minded people. Nothing can beat the experience of being in control and being the boss! It’s the best learning and you have to correct your own mistakes.