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Interview with Anmol Shanbag

Anmol Shanbag


Class of 2003


Currently employed with Avendus Securities Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai


Anmol Shanbag was always an organized and detail-directed problem solver. With a good head on his shoulders, he has applied his attributes successfully in his financial careers.


Designation:    Associate Vice-President - Institutional Equities


Campus Placement:   Birla Sun Life Securities Ltd.



Career Path:

Birla Sun Life Securities Ltd.                        
Sales Trader                                            
IL&FS Investsmart Pvt. Ltd. Senior Mgr. 2004-07
Avendus Securities Pvt. Ltd. Associate VP 2007-Present


Achievements / Awards:

  • Instrumental in getting a number of FII's to do business with IL&FS Investsmart through excellent relationship management.
  • Involvement in every regulatory as well as administrative level in the setting up of the Institutional Equity trading desk at Avendus


Life Quote: "The most important thing in life is to go ahead and not be afraid of making mistakes. Learn from every mistake and strive to become a better individual - personally and professionally."


Q: Kindly share with us your journey before and after Inbuss.

Anmol: I have lived in many cities in India but have primarily grown up in Delhi from where I did my mid and higher schooling. After passing out of school, I did my graduation in B.Com(Hons.) from Delhi University and then proceeded to do a MBA in Finance from Inbuss as a member of the founder batch. I was always inclined towards a career in the Financial Industry and got placed with Birla Sun Life Securities in its Equity division in Mumbai. I have since been in Mumbai for about 9 years now and have also worked with IL&FS Investsmart and Avendus Securities (current responsibility) during this time as an Institutional Equity Sales-Trader.


Q: How has Inbuss contributed to this journey? Is there one memory or day at Inbuss that would forever be etched in your memory?

Anmol: The mentoring I received from Mr. Batra and Mr. Nitin Jain during my MBA as well as after moving to Mumbai went a long way in creating a strong foundation for me. The Personality Enhancement Programme taught at Inbuss, I think, is its USP. There are so many amazing memories associated with Inbuss that it is difficult to pick and choose. However, I fondly remember, albeit with a bit of pride, the day Mr. Batra had announced to the class that the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) had implemented the recommendations of my summer internship project “India and trade with ASEAN” and were using it for reference while initiating any events/interactions with ASEAN countries.


Q: Mumbai has an ever-growing community of Infinities and as one of the senior most Alumni in the city, you have offered guidance and support to many of these from time to time. Do you find time to connect and network with them now?

Anmol: It’s a proud feeling to see a number of Infinites getting placed in Mumbai and doing well for themselves. You’re quite right to say that I have interacted extensively with most of them. In fact some of my very good friends in Mumbai are now from this very community.


Q: You are married to another Infinite. Does sharing the same alma mater add a dimension to your relationship? Does it change (strengthen or make special) your relationship with the Alma Mater?

Anmol: It definitely makes a big difference if your spouse is from the same alma mater. Apart from other things, there’s a lot of common stuff to talk about and so many Inbuss memories to share. It also helps when one meets alumni (everyone is on the same platform). It has helped me meet and know a number of peers from my wife’s batch and vice versa and broaden my social circle.


Q: Institutional Traders boast of stress levels next only to air traffic control. Is it true? Do you see yourself burned out at 40 and have already started planning your retirement?

Anmol: Stress is an inherent part of any profession today. There is no escaping that fact. However, what’s in our hands is to learn to manage the stress. I gauged very early into my career that the trading desk is like a pressure cooker with varied client expectations, regulatory requirements, flawless trade execution, managing multiple orders simultaneously etc. Frankly, I haven’t started thinking of my retirement yet, but am definitely working towards ensuring that I don’t get burnt out by 40. I workout daily, read a lot, travel and meet up with friends regularly. This helps me cut out on any bit of stress.


Q: What would be your advice to aspiring managers studying at Inbuss currently?

Anmol: Firstly the basic. Be sincere – to yourself and your employer. There are no two ways about it. There is no substitute to hard work but learn to live your life too. So study hard, work hard and party harder. Think beyond the obvious. A B-school will teach you and prepare you to an extent but in the end it all boils down to how you grasp opportunities