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Interview with Nisha Popli

Nisha Popli


Class of 2003


Currently employed with KPMG (KGS), Gurgaon


Nisha Popli has always been highly motivated and driven and can be called an achiever in the true sense of the word.


Designation:    Advisor


Campus Placement:   Ernst & Young, India



Career Path:

Ernst & Young, Gurgaon                        
HR Executive                                            
Grant Thornton, Gurgaon HR Manager 2006-10
KPMG (KGS), Gurgaon Advisor 2010-Present


Achievements / Awards:

  • One of the few chosen ones to be confirmed and promoted during the management training period.


Life Quote: "Impossible is nothing… Always do your best, as what you plant now, you will harvest later!!"


Q: Give us a little insight into your life since Infinity.

Nisha: The transition from a MBA student to a full time professional was smooth as I was fortunate to be recruited through the campus placements. During the last 10 years, I have worked with some of the best Consulting Firms – from Ernst & Young to Grant Thornton and now KPMG. The journey so far has been stimulating and challenging. It has provided me with a sense of achievement along with the zeal to explore unconquered territories.


Q: How much of the PGPM program at Infinity has helped your successful professional performance?

Nisha: The credit for my success in all professional undertakings goes to the MBA programme at Infinity. This programme instilled in me the qualifications and qualities required to be a successful professional. Most importantly, Infinity provided me with not only the confidence to dream big but also the means to fulfill my dreams.


Q: How did it feel to be one of the chosen few to be confirmed and promoted during the management training period at Ernst & Young?

Nisha: I was ecstatic! I clearly remember it as a proud moment which provided me with a sense of great achievement. In fact it was from that day itself that I started to believe that Impossible is Nothing!


Q: You started off as an HR manager and have gone on to become a management consultant. What prompted you to make this shift in your career?

Nisha: After working for over 9 years in the internal HR division I decided to shift to the HR consulting side of the business in order to expand and enhance my skills and experience. In addition HR consulting offers a wide portfolio of projects and assignments globally where I can leverage my HR expertise and competence.


Q: From your perspective, what challenges and opportunities do you see working in this field (consulting)?

Nisha: As one of the most prominent and upcoming sectors, consulting encompasses tremendous potential as well as challenges. While the potential includes opportunities to build sustainable networks across diverse sectors and industries while establishing meaningful contacts and relationships, the challenges essentially relate to keeping pace with ever changing client profiles and requirements.


Q: Have you ever felt the need to pursue more education opportunities to contribute to your professional growth?

Nisha: No, simply because the electives I chose during my MBA have provided me with the necessary knowledge, skills and competence to grow as a professional in my chosen field.


Q: You have worked with best of Consulting Firms – from Ernst & Young to Grant Thornton to KPMG. How has the journey been thus far?

Nisha: It has been a very rewarding journey both professionally and personally. I have not only been able to establish my credibility as a sincere, hardworking and competent professional; but have also witnessed positive changes in my outlook and overall personality.


Q: What personal qualities and professional traits would you attribute to your success?

Nisha: It would be a blend of qualifications and qualities including academic and professional training, confidence, positive attitude, patience and last but not the least hard work. I honestly believe that Impossible is Nothing - one should always give their best, as what you plant now, you will harvest later!!