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Interview with Akshay Nehru

Akshay Nehru


Class of 2003


Currently employed with Research Fusion, New Delhi


Akshay Nehru is a self-motivated, resourceful and dynamic professional who has proved his mettle in his entrepreneurial journey.


Designation: Director


Campus Placement: AC Nielson



Career Path:

AC Nielson
Sr. Research Executive
Research Fusion Founder & Director 2005-Present


Achievements / Awards:

  • Recipient of Arthur C. Nielson award for individual excellence.
  • Successfully Identified growth opportunities and forged new client partnership across the globe including Australia, Spain, China, the UK & the UK
  • Provided mobile operators across Africa & Middle East with emerging wireless trends.


Life Quote: "If you have Passion, Perseverance and Patience in all that you do, Profits are bound to follow."


Q: It has been a long time since you are involved in your business. Can you give a little bit of background about your company?

Akshay: Research Fusion is a research and consulting business that was set up in 2004. Our initial endeavour was to create a business focused on information for the telecom sector. However over the years we have gradually begun to expand and offer research services for clients operating across a range of sectors including automotive, pharmaceuticals and the retail sector.


Q: You were recruited by AC Nielsen through campus placemen where you were the recipient of Arthur C. Nielsen award for individual excellence. What got you started as an entrepreneur?

Akshey: One important reason behind taking the entrepreneurial path was the need to break free from a monotonous existence that tends to set in with a regular job. The entrepreneurial journey is like an adventure, the risks associated, the experiences associated with it can never quite come from being in the employment of someone else. Ultimately, a person who thrives on risk will always have those that are risk-averse working for them.


Q: Your journey as an entrepreneur started with friends from Inbuss. What were the highs and the lows of the initial journey?

Akshay: Every entrepreneurial journey has its ups and downs. Starting a business with friends was something that a lot of people had told us to be careful about, and the initial years were tumultuous to say the least. However with time we learned that in order to work in harmony it was important to create very clear cut rigid divisions in responsibilities that was built on trust and allowed each individual to focus on building their aspect of the business. Aseem Mehta, my friend from Inbuss and business partner, and I, very quickly recognized the individual strengths that we possessed and adopted responsibilities that were a best fit for them.


Q: What qualities did you imbibe from your education at Infinity?

Akshay: Inbuss taught me a lot; it imbibed in me a sense of work ethic and the need to take pride in ones work, which resulted in building the third important characteristic - Passion. Its focus on the development of soft skills was for me the greatest learning– far greater than any financial model or marketing matrix that the course books had to offer. It built self belief and confidence and helped me recognize the value of building and constantly updating ones knowledge levels.
Never actually being a people oriented person, 2years at Inbuss helped me recognize the importance of engaging with people - something that I carry forward to this day while interacting with clients and employees alike.


Q: What would be your advice to students who are passionate about and are specializing in entrepreneurship at Infinity?

Akshay: Entrepreneurship is a thrill that very little else can replace. It is about going a little crazy, trying something on your own, learning constantly and brings with it excitement and heartache alike.
As Michael Arrington put it, if you want to live in a world of Technicolor instead of black and white, if you want to be a pirate and live a life of adventure – then entrepreneurship is for you.
And if you back up your idea with passion, patience and persistence there is no reason that you will not achieve success.


Q: What would you say to someone who is thinking of joining Infinity?

Akshay: Infinity is a great place to study, learn and build relationships that will last a lifetime. From personal experience I can safely say that if you want an environment that challenges you, opens your eyes to a world of possibilities and that in stills in you the desire to achieve - don't think twice.