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Interview with Mridul Saxena

Mridul Saxena


Class of 2005


Currently employed with IndusInd Bank, New Delhi


Mridul Saxena's remarkable success in the banking sector in such a short span of time only goes to prove what discipline, determination and endurance can achieve.


Designation: Vice President


Campus Placement: ABN Amro Bank



Career Path:

ABN Amro Bank, Gurgaon
Asst. VP
IndusInd Bank, New Delhi VP 2008-Present


Achievements / Awards:

  • Played an active role in devising key strategy and direction of consumer banking and assisted in setting up new governancemodels for retail banking of Indusind Bank in India.
  • Successfully executed several sales strategies via 26 regions and 320 branches of the banking Direct Sales channel.


Life Quote: "Hard work and determination always pays dividends"


Q: Please share with us the key milestones of your corporate journey.

Mridul: Back in 2003 I got a summer placement at standard chartered bank in which I spent 12 weeks in a retail banking division. The sheer energy and excitement at in retail banking really captivated me and I selected banking more especially the retail banking to be my career / industry of choice. During the final placement at the end of the two years at Inbuss, I got placed with ABN AMRO as a management trainee. I spend more than 3 years with ABN AMRO in which I started as a relationship manager and at the end of the 3 years, I was the Product Head for secured assets. It is during the end of the three years at ABN, I got an exciting opportunity in which i had the privilege to join IndusInd Bank and work with some of the best minds of retail banking in India, were I am currently employed as a Vice president - National Sales Manager.


Q: Can you share your thoughts on how to best prepare for a career in Banking?

Mridul: Banking is actually not as complicated as many of us perceive it to be. It is about continuously repeating ordinary activities with extraordinary execution and perfection. While I might not be having any magic formula for preparing for a career in banking, hard work and dedication towards the job / objective shall go a long way in insuring one achieves their desired role in the industry.


Q: Are you a big believer in planning for the future ? Why?

Mridul: Well the best things which have happened to me have been fairly unplanned, I don’t know if is the best way to go about a successful career but it is what I believe in it. But yes one has to be prepared and aware enough to identify an opportunity and then have the proactive attitude to be able to build on them.


Q: What factors impressed you to join Infinity? How was the experience at Infinity?

Mridul: The esteemed faculty members along with the past track record of the placement placed a huge role in me selecting the business school of my choice and the experience at Infinity lived up to the expectation in which the school actually facilitated us to breach our boundaries of comfort and take up new subjects and learning which ultimately enabled us to be well rounded managers in the corporate world.


Q: You joined a management program after a Hospitality Background and have thereafter had a great successful career in Banking. What message would you like to give to students with similar background contemplating a Business Management major?

Mridul: The business principles of the service industry remain the same across the different businesses, the core to success still lies in one’s ability to provide a service with such personalization and trust which the client sees value in and thus is able to differentiate the product offering in the market hence enabling the business to charge a premium on the offering. What is different is how we perceive it, if one wants to believe it is possible it is. And if one wants to believe it is impossible it shall continue to be so.


Q: What according to you are the key attributes/ characteristics required to make a successful career in Banking / Financial services?

Mridul: The key to success not only in Banking / Finance industry but across any industry lies in one’s ability to identify what one enjoys doing and making an occupation out of that. Not to mention hard work and dedication towards that objective is not important, but once we can identify what we enjoy doing and make that an occupation of ours, success in which ever form we like to define, shall always be present.