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Interview with Neetika Jain

Neetika Jain


Class of 2005


Currently employed with IMRB International, New Delhi


Neetika Jain - soft spoken and affable, she is persistence and diligence redefined. Her strong analytical skills have been perfect for her career in research and consumer insights.


Designation: Director, Marketing Sciences


Campus Placement: IMRB International



Career Path:

IMRB International, New Delhi 2005-Present


Achievements / Awards:

  • Presented a paper at the Annual National Market Reseach Conference (MRSI) in 2008, and was first runners-up out of 16 shortlisted papers that were presented.


Life Quote: "Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions." - Albert Einstein.


Q: In 2005, you were placed with IMRB International through campus recruitment at Infinity. What has been the foremost reason that has kept you going with the IMRB for close to six years now?

Neetika: IMRB has a very vibrant work environment with a young work-force. One of the main reasons that has kept me going with IMRB is the industry. Market research is very stimulating. We work with a diverse range of categories and thus there is a new learning every day. Primarily we work with the FMCG sector but then there is the banking sector, life insurance, media, electronic goods etc. IMRB also offers a wide range of research products. Since we also typically work on ad-hoc projects, working at IMRB always feels very fresh.


Q: You have achieved a lot in course of your career. A lot of people say successful career-oriented women end up ignoring their personal life. I understand you are married. So how much do you agree with that statement? And how do you work on striking a balance?

Neetika: When I first walked into the IMRB office, I fell in love with the work and people here. I did work hard to achieve what I have done today. But I have never ignored my family or personal life. I strongly believe in maintaining a work-life balance. I got married 4.5 years ago and very recently became a mother. I plan to get back to work soon. It is possible to enjoy work life and personal life. There are times when striking this balance can take a toll and one must be ready to occasionally sacrifice personal life. But on the whole it’s very much manageable to enjoy both.


Q: What do you think sets you apart as an individual at your workplace in comparison to students of other B-schools?

Neetika: Being at infinity, there are few characteristics that set me apart from my colleagues. I learnt to be very rigorous at my work along with hard work. I also learned to be a team player which is very essential in today’s high demanding work environment. Since infinity attracted a bright set of students, the campus was always a place for very healthy discussions and the need to excel. These things helped me cope with people and work at IMRB.


Q: You are a passionate blogger. Tell us more about your blog and the inspirations behind it.

Neetika: I started blogging in March 2010. I have always been interested in simple living and reducing the non-essentials from life. I started reading blogs about minimalism and that really got me further interested in such a lifestyle. Today the online space gives one so much opportunity to express and have a voice. I had many ideas in my head and wanted to express them. Blogging became the best way to document and share with others what I felt about minimalism and de-cluttering. Applying these principles in my life gave me a lot of comfort and writing was a good stress-buster. You may visit my blog at:


Q: Can you share some fond memories or any particular incident of Infinity?

Neetika: When I think of infinity there are many special memories that I can attach with it. There was this big chessboard in the entrance gardens on the campus. We used to hang around that centerpiece. The offsite trips were very memorable. The “Starry Starry Nights”, PEP classes, the canteen, all the classmates, the sports meet at IMT Ghaziabad. Looking back at the 2 years spent at Inbuss, surely makes me smile and long for a reunion.


Q: You recently visited Inbuss for a student interaction session. How was it to revisit your alma mater? What message would you like to leave for your juniors for a meaningful career in management?

Neetika: It was a real pleasure to visit Inbuss after such a long time. The new campus looks brilliant and spacious. It was also nice to see so many bright new faces looking happy and energized.