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Interview with Sandeep Kohli

Sandeep Kohli


Class of 2003


Currently employed with Citibank N.A., New Delhi


Sandeep Kohli is a 'Shooting Star' in the true sense of the word and has done Infinity proud!


Designation: Sales Head


Campus Placement: Citibank N.A.



Career Path:

Citibank N.A. Sales Head 2003-Present


Achievements / Awards:

  • Has been awarded the Shooting star award 4 times in her career.
  • Has consistently over achieved on numbers and has been a winner of many awards and recognitions.


Life Quote: “It's your aptitude, not just your attitude that determines your ultimate altitude.”


Q: Why don’t you give a little bit of background about your life after/before Infinity?

Sandeep: Before joining infinity I was more carefree and probably never took things that seriously. Infinity gave me a prospective about life, made me understand the importance of setting goals with timelines and then working towards accomplishing them.


Q: You’ve been working with Citibank for more than 8 years now - You seem to love your job. What would you have chosen as a career if not this?

Sandeep: I have always had a burning ambition in my life to be an entrepreneur, had I not joined Citibank probably I would have been working for my own self by now.


Q: Over the last 9 years, the banking sector has witnessed a complete cycle of “Boom – Depression –Revival” and you’ve experienced it all. How did you manage to combat the challenges that came your way?

Sandeep: End of 2008 was a very challenging year for the bank and there was every chance that bank might fold up. But the bank came out with a clear directive for its employees that irrespective of what happens, business will continue. The experience taught me that an organization is always bigger than people and an organization which is professionally managed and has a strong ethical base can always come out of times of great difficulties.


Q: You’ve been the recipient of “Shooting Star” award 4 times in your career – what is your mantra for success?

Sandeep: Hard work and perseverance always pays. No matter how challenging a job / task might be, if you put in your efforts and brains behind it, the same can be achieved. Just like someone had the idea of sending a human to the moon and made it happen.


Q: What personal qualities and professional traits have been instrumental in success?

Sandeep: Hard work and some bit of luck. I personally believe there is no substitute for hard work and when you put in that there is always some divine intervention in the form of luck which makes things happen. I also believe that my people management skills have helped me a lot in relationship building and team management.


Q: Not only did you find a career launch pad in infinity but also your life partner! How does it feel to be married to a class-mate?

Sandeep: I am very grateful to Infinity that I met Supriya and have had a great life with her since then.


Q: What words of advice would you give to young aspiring bankers?

Sandeep: This is an advice that I have for every student, irrespective of industry they want to work in- Read a lot on the global happening, including the world economy, you never know in which direction your interview might head. And when working in organization, work as hard as possible and never shy away from any work no matter how small it might look and try to learn as much as possible.


Q: Many people spend a lot of time at their work which eventually has a negative impact on other aspects of their life- spirituality, family, personal development. Is it possible to achieve some kind of a balance?

Sandeep: Yes, if you are well organized then no matter how much work you have, you can always achieve the work life balance. Irrespective of how busy I am I always take a break of 15 days in a year to travel out. I have learnt a lot through travelling by observing different people as well as cultures.


Q: What is the one thing that you like most about Inbuss?

Sandeep: Infinity has the best faculty in the industry. Also the industry interactions in terms of guest lectures are a source of great learning. I can never forget the lessons taught to us by Mr. Batra during PEP classes and the Investment banking classes.