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Interview with Navneet Ahuja

Navneet Ahuja


Class of 2004


Currently employed with The Nielsen Company, New Delhi


Navneet Ahuja - with his career in research soaring to new heights but his feet firmly planted on the ground. Navneet has won prestigious laurels throughout his academic and professional career.


Designation: Manager, Client Consulting, BASES


Campus Placement: IMRB International



Career Path:

IMRB International Insights Director 2004-08
The Nielsen Company Manager, Client Consulting 2008-Present


Achievements / Awards:

  • At Nielsen, recognised as ‘High Potential (HiPo)’ candidate Recipient of BASES ‘Client-Servicing’ and ‘Client-Passion’ Award.
  • Recipient of Nielsen ‘Gold’ Simply Excellent Award – in recognition of local implementation of a global initiative.
  • Conceptualised a unique employee engagement initiative, Radio Friday - Nielsen Delhi's in-house radio show.
  • One of the two founding members of BASES team in Delhi – played the important role in setting up systems, protocols, filling staffing requirement and providing neccessary mentoring.
  • At IMRB, Pre-designated promotion for consistent performance on a key business account at IMRB International.


Life Quote: “...still a long way to go”


Q: Why don’t your run us through your life since Infinity.

Navneet: I joined IMRB International, straight from Infinity (passed out in 2004) where I worked for 4 & half years and gathered experience across various quantitative research techniques. I had the opportunity to service couple of really significant accounts like PepsiCo, Motorola, S. C. Johnson– in the process. From IMRB International, I moved to Nielsen and joined its specialised division BASES – BASES is a world wide leader in pre-launch consulting with a vision of helping companies win with innovation. I helped set up the Delhi team of BASES, as I was one of the two founding members of the team. The team is today 10-member strong. At BASES, I primarily manage Delhi’s biggest account – PepsiCo (Pepsi / Frito) and the journey has been very exciting so far.


Q: You were always an achiever at Infinity and have continued to receive excellence awards in your career as well. What has been your driving force?

Navneet: Thanks for calling me an achiever; I think I try to keep things simple and clichéd – ‘everything is possible’ - hard work / willingness to learn / team attitude is what is required. I have also learnt that it is important to contribute to the work-environment beyond expected role/responsibility by being proactive - I try to ensure that the team in which I work is motivated enough to help me deliver and I help it deliver to expectations. And more recently, I have realised the value of ‘Thinking Big’ – it is a must thought process to have, though I don’t know if this can be taught or one learns by experience. And lastly, I believe there is always a long way to go and hence, keep walking.


Q: Please discuss the specialized nature of your role at BASES. On a typical day in this position, what do you do?

Navneet: At BASES, work is exciting per se. I have a client-facing role and hence on a typical day, I will be involved in devising research questions from the business questions provided by a client and designing the solution that can best help client achieve the business objectives. There is a team which works with me and in my current role, I have to ensure that they are mentored not only in the specific BASES’ work but also to train them & share with them knowledge and learning on MR per se.


Q: The economy has seen its ups and downs since you started working. How did u manage to combat the challenges that came your way?

Navneet: Apart from what I have mentioned in previous answers, I have tried to stay away from unnecessary peer pressure and stuck to my organisation, much longer than when others had shifted jobs – good work and patience pays. And one thing I learnt during slowdown is how important it is to have a good and trust worthy reputation in front of your clients, like Nielsen BASES – in good or bad times, if you are good, you will be always called upon.


Q: Even though you graduated from Infinity in 2004, you’ve actively contributed towards your Alma Mater and we value that immensely. Would you like to say anything about that?

Navneet: I have had a fantastic time at Infinity because of the batch I had – it was multiple batches within the same batch and as a result, it was a mixed experience. Having said that, I feel genuine gratitude towards Inbuss and so, it is but natural to stay connected with the School / Management / Current students and continue to play a role that takes the school ahead in whatever way I can.


Q: Your role requires an in-depth understanding of several industries, the academic concepts and models applicable as well as an up to date knowledge of markets, trends and developments. How do you cope up with these requirements?

Navneet: Simple - I read a lot! And I ensure I keep in touch with news beyond my core industry - with internet (& technology), reading and gaining knowledge is easiest and most convenient.