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Interview with Bhavdeep Singh Mehta

Bhavdeep Singh Mehta


Class of 2003


Currently employed with Starbucks, Toronto


Bhavdeep Singh Mehta was a part of Infinity's Founder Batch. He found his passion for the Retail Sector right in the beginning of his career and has had a remarkable journey since he joined Barista in 2003.


Designation: Store Chain Manager, Coach & Mentor


Campus Placement: Barista, New Delhi



Career Path:

Barista, New Delhi 2003-05
Best Buy Canada, Toronto 2005-08
Starbucks Coffee Company, Toronto 2008-11


Achievements / Awards:

  • Promoted to Regional Manager in less than one year at Barista Coffee Company
  • Awarded Most Valuable Employee for Best Buy Canada in 2005


Life Quote: “When you could do anything, What you decide to do is Important.”


Q: How does it feel to be a part of the founder batch at Infinity?

Bhavdeep: It has always felt special to be the part of the Founder Batch, it feels like we laid the foundation for so many other students coming through and proved so many Critics wrong.


Q: You have had four people from your family study at Infinity. What do you feel about the same?

Bhavdeep: I think that just states that quality of education that Infinity is imparting is well beyond some A-list schools, it’s up to the students to make the most of it.


Q: What are the most challenging aspects of your current job at Starbucks Coffee Company?

Bhavdeep: Controlling costs, always driving top line and trying to stand out and get noticed in such a big company.


Q: The western world is going through a recession whereas India is booming. Would you ever consider coming back?

Bhavdeep: I will consider coming back in the next 5-10 years, but living, growing and still doing well for yourself in Recession is the real learning, anyone can do well when there is a boom.


Q: In 2008, Starbucks went through a very difficult phase. Can you identify the skill-sets that helped you retain and grow in your career in a very difficult recessionary environment?

Bhavdeep: Just being very honest towards you work, controlling the bottom-line and really paying attention to small things that you normally won’t.


Q: When you started your career with Barista, we were told that you took pride in making and serving coffee at the store. How did that experience help you?

Bhavdeep: Starting from the Bottom is the way to go, you have to have your basics strong because when you grow in the same company you will exactly know what’s happening on the floor.


Q: During the course of your career, who was your mentor and what was that experience like?

Bhavdeep: My mentor has and will always be my Dad. He’s a successful Entrepreneur himself who started Cyber Media and is now venturing into DNA education and testing. He always knows what is the right thing to say.


Q: How would you rate your career path vs. MBA from India’s top B-schools?

Bhavdeep: Contrary to popular belief I think it’s easier for us to get noticed, cause we are always the underdogs and when we over perform the other B school students we stand out.


Q: What would you say to someone who is thinking about pursuing an MBA program at Infinity?

Bhavdeep: Don’t think twice, they will be the best years of your life.


Q: What advice would you give to those starting a career in your field?

Bhavdeep: Be patient, Enjoy the journey and rewards will come.


Q: Can you share one thing that’s required to make the best coffee?

Bhavdeep: Love and Passion


Q: What’s the question I didn’t ask you but should have?

Bhavdeep: How did I lose 110 pounds/ 50 kgs in the last 2 years (LOL)