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Interview with Bodhi Satya Thakur

BodhiSatya Thakur


Class of 2004


Currently employed with Burson-Marsteller Asia Pacific, Shanghai


Bodhi Satya Thakur was one of the most humble and affable student of his batch. His good interpersonal skills along with diligence have been his strengths all along.


Designation: Director


Campus Placement: Burson-Marsteller India



Career Path:

Burson-Marsteller India Sr. Consulting Associate 2005-08
Edelman India, Gurgaon Manager 2009
Burson-Marsteller Asia Pacific Manager - Asia Pacific 2009-11
Burson-Marsteller Asia Pacific Director 2012-Present


Achievements / Awards:

  • Part of the prestigious ‘B-M Business Builder’ programme to Beijing(a total of 40people were selected across the world)
  • Spearheaded the launch of Snapfish by HP in India which was later nominated for the prestigious worldwide ‘HP Circle of Excellence Awards.’


Life Quote: “Stability, perseverence and innovation lay the foundation towards a successful career.”


Q: Please give us a brief account of your journey before and after Infinity.

Bodhi Satya: After completing my graduation from St.Xavier’s college in Kolkata majoring in English literature, I was faced with the usual dilemma faced by every 21 year old of whether to pursue Masters in your subject of specialization or a Masters in Business Administration. A chance encounter with a senior from Infinity on the tremendous opportunities at this ‘new’ business school initiated me to take the entrance examination for Infinity. And as they say, the rest is history. Infinity was the catalyst that helped me realize my dream to work for a leading communications agency. Whatever I am today is because of the solid foundation that Infinity built for me.


Q: How has Inbuss contributed to this journey? Is there one memory or day at Inbuss that would forever be etched in your memory?

Bodhi Satya: Of course! Infinity provided me a learning ground giving me the opportunity to be exposed to an environment which thrives on excellence. From creating and delivering high impact presentations to understanding accounting and finance (phew! What a task for an English major guy) to honing one’s creative skills – it was all there. And I loved every bit of it. Well there are a whole bunch of fond memories including the day I met my future wife However, the one incident which I reminisce over is when Mr. Neeraj Batra appreciated my creative presentation and gave me full marks for the way I had put my thoughts on paper. I just loved his classes as they taught us to think out of the box and this appreciation was simply icing on the cake!


Q: Was everyone in your family happy about the move to Shanghai? What have been the key highlights challenges of a life and career there?

Bodhi Satya: Yes, everybody was extremely excited. More so because of the sheer opportunities that China poses in the current economic environment. It is a country which is on a high growth curve and I am definitely enjoying my stint here! In terms of challenges, the major one is communication as Mandarin is the national language which is spoken the most. But again, this is a small challenge in a city which has lots to offer.


Q: Social Media has brought about a revolution in the world of media, marketing & branding. How does it change or enhance the role of PR & Corporate Communication Managers?

Bodhi Satya: Social media is a definitive two-way communications medium much like public relations. The real value of social media is that it provides an opportunity to engage directly with multiple stakeholder groups, to create and disseminate content and carry out conversations with those groups. Not only are public relations and communications professionals better suited to carry out digital communications as opposed to say digital advertising), but this is the near-term and possibly even long term future of PR itself as it has opened a new world of conversations.


Q: Devising communication programs for top companies and brands requires in-depth understanding of their businesses, philosophy and challenges. How do you keep yourself abreast with the latest and best practices in your line of work?

Bodhi Satya: Read Read Read…that’s the only advice I would like to give as there is no substitute to knowledge. One needs to grasp knowledge from anywhere – internet, TV, newspapers, seminars, company websites etc. There are opportunities galore and the only way to move ahead is keep oneself abreast with what is happening around the world. With the rapid growth in social media, this has further accentuated the need to be abreast on what’s happening across the world.