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Interview with Sumit Syal

Sumit Syal


Class of 2004


Currently employed with Religare Capital Markets, HK


Sumit Syal was never the one to let anything stand in the way of him and his ambitions. He has been one of Infinity's most astute and perseverant students.


Designation: Vice President - Regional Sales


Campus Placement: Prime Securitites



Career Path:

Prime Securitites VP-Equity Sales 2004-10
Religare Capital Markets VP-Regional Sales 2010-Present


Life Quote: Life is all about benchmarking and "bench-breaking”


Q: You graduated from Infinity Business School in 2004 – can you briefly walk us through your career path since then.

Sumit: I got a campus placement with Prime Securities wherein I transitioned from research analyst to sales in about 18 months. I worked there from 2004 to 2010. I then joined RCML in 2010 and was transferred to RCML Hong Kong in Mid 2011.


Q: You worked with your first company for a more than 6 years. What about the financial market makes you so passionate about your work?

Sumit: The following factors keep me going in the Financial Industry:

  • A Non-routine job
  • Completely opens your mind – get to learn about various industries / sectors (in today’s scenario global aspects are as important as local aspects – from day to day development in Europe to monthly sales figures for car makers like BMW)
  • An opportunity to interact and network with top managements of various companies (including CEOs, CFOs) – I doubt I would get such an opportunity in any other industry / job.



Q: In the course of your career, you have met and worked closely with other B-School graduates (a lot of them from tier 1 B-schools). What would you like to say about your standing vis a vis theirs.

Sumit: I would not like to compare myself with anyone as this won’t be fair as each individual has his or her own set of strengths & weaknesses, which one should respect – having said that, I would surely like to highlight the emphasis on something like soft skills (especially at Infinity). This is something that really helps (be it EI, TA, PEP Classes or development of communication skills). All these things take you a long way in life. Also, worth highlighting is that I still have a mentor at Infinity (I passed out in 2004). And I believe that students of other college may not be able to say this – it’s a personal bond, which only grows with time.


Q: Globalization has increased workforce diversity in almost every industry around the world. As organizations become increasingly complex, what do you think the young managers need to do to continually develop their personal and professional competencies?

Sumit: To me two things that really matter are:

Being AWARE & Being PROACTIVE. You could be in any industry, from hospitality to financial; this helps a lot to put things in perspective. My job demands me to keep a tab on global / local news flow that could impact stocks in the Asia Pac (on a minute to minute basis). If I am second in terms of highlighting information to a client, I could lose out on a potential order. Lastly, one should be open to learning and appreciate the fact that learning is a continuous process. Getting back to the question, I wish I had an answer, but all I know is if you take care of the above – the above will take care of you.


Q: Your brother Nikhil went on to do an MBA at Infinity Business School. Did you help in facilitating that decision?

Sumit: Absolutely! The very fact that I referred my younger brother to Infinity as well SAYS IT ALL! Anything else said here would be superfluous.


Q: Does your job, with its inherent pressures, allow you to pursue other passions. Can you tell us about the interests that you pursue?

Sumit: Given the nature of the industry, on weekdays it is generally not possible to pursue other passions. But yes, on weekends one surely gets time to pursue them. And again it’s not about allowing, it’s about balancing and taking out time. Short trips on weekends surely help you refresh.