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Inbuss Highlights

"A melting pot of dreams & aspirations, Infinity has helped galvanize dreams into action and has given me the courage to overcome life's hurdles with steadfast perseverance." - Tarun Sharma, Batch of 2007

Clubs and Events

Infinity Business School has the following student clubs that organize various academic and cultural activities through the year.


Corporate Club

A student committee of three members is elected/ selected in the first month of PGPGM. This club will handle all activities related to summer placements, final campus recruitment, corporate relationship management, sourcing of live projects from industry, corporate sponsorships, corporate talks, seminars and exchange programs among others.


Culture Club

Inbuss takes great pride in maintaining a rich cultural ethos. A host of extra-curricular activities and Annuity events (such as Starry Starry Nite and Breakfast @ Infinity) will be conducted during the two-year stay at Inbuss. Apart from debates, jams, quizzes and musical-nites, contests will also be held in the areas of marketing, advertising, finance and systems throughout the year. On the lighter side special movie screenings, walks and socials are also planned. 


A student committee is elected/ selected in the first month of PGPGM, who then co-ordinate and organizes events in conjunction with the senior members of the culture club. The management team allots the budget of the different events and a point number is appointed who would be the student contact point for all culture club related activities.


Sports Club

Inbuss has an active sports club oriented to multiple sports over the two years. The club has 3 members each from the PGPGM and PGPFM batches. A number of tournaments are conducted in several sports like chess, cricket and table tennis amongst others. The club also organizes participation in various inter-college sports competitions.


Marketing Club – m@i

The marketing club of Infinity Business School aims to create and instill a passion for marketing amongst students. It offers various formal and informal platforms to learn and enjoy the two-year journey in management.  It is instrumental in conducting numerous events that let students unleash their talent for marketing.


Finance Club

The Finance club is an initiative made by students to create an environment of learning in the field of finance that produces finance professionals. This is achieved by organizing various events like corporate interaction, intra and inter college competitions. It proactively conducts activities that encourage sharing knowledge and information about the financial sector.


HR Club

The HR club is a community developed to provide opportunities and knowledge to students interested in the field of human resource management. The club takes initiative in organizing events to develop interpersonal skills and meet professionals who work in the field of Human Resources Management. The club recognizes every student’s potential and contributes in helping students with various career related questions. 



Our calendar is busy with a number of events and group activities being conducted throughout the year.


Fresher’s Welcome

Dressed in black, in red and in the Hawaiian; the dress code changes, but not the spirit.  This is ‘The first BIG night’, the induction of the fresh batch of students to the Inbuss way of life - a warm welcome to a new world where the senior batch promises to share their experience and guide the freshers as they find their feet.  As students intermingle and get more comfortable, the dance floor shakes till the wee hours of the morning


This, of course, is only the prelude to the first nasty shock - a surprise quiz the next morning - but it’s all part of the game.


Mentor Lunch

Taking our unique mentor concept one-step further - an opportunity for the student mentees to interact with their faculty mentors in a more informal environment.  Gastronomy and  guidance provide the intellectual enzymes  during the lunch to tackle the ardous course.


All mentors take active interest in the overall development of students and are available to guide them as the latter take on the high pressure environment.


Kasparov’s Revenge

Who says MBA’s have a single-track mind? At Inbuss, students apply learnings from their Strategic Management to the 64 checkered battlefront.  Playing at the outdoor chess ground is an experience of its own.  Huge Pawns, bigger Rooks - the game comes to life in an interesting, unique Inbuss construct.


And as the best 16 warriors battle to win this crown, it is a test of intellectual strength that demands nerves of steel.  And until the last move, the ‘never-say-die spirit’ of the Infinite reigns supreme.


Starry Starry Night

The ‘Festival of Lights’ is a traditional occasion for the students to take a breather from the demanding course schedule. A festive night under the open skies in the magical Inbuss campus organised during the Diwali Season is an annual feature. The myriad of rangolis resplendent with the traditional Indian colours of red, green and yellow, make the campus come to life.  Marigold flowers and rose petals adorn the campus lawns while the traditional ‘Diyas’ and candles spread their glow on each of our students.

The starry starry night shone brighter this diwali at Infinity. There were infinite sparkles of celebration & shimmers of talent. The craft on display was overwhelming. There were so many moments of peaked excitement & sheer excellence that it was difficult to pick one that outdid every other.

Versatility saw its true meaning on the king size stage – jazz, bollywood  & salsa dance forms, solo & group singing, fashion show, a comical satire & guitar playing. The inspiring presence of 6 star alumni and their facilitation was like a personal achievement for each infinite.

Acknowledgement for manthan , rangoli competition was followed by crackers, jam session, delectable desi delicacies and so much more .Weeks of planning and dedicated coordination ensured the perfect finesse.

The starry starry night was an enthralling mix of fun, excitement, talent & brilliance that infinity houses.


 Guest lectures

At Inbuss, the accent is always on providing relevant and cutting edge information and there’s no better way other than inviting leaders from industry to share their learning and experience with the young minds on campus.  Over the years, we have played host to prominent speakers such as Mr. Arun Maira, Chairman - India, Boston Consultancy Group; Mr. P.Dwarakanath, Director  HR & Administration, Glaxo -Smithkline; Vishwavir Ahuja, Country Manager, Bank of America; Mr. Ajit Sehgal, Managing Director, Phillip Morris India and many others,.


It is always an experience that takes back these famous personalities to their days a B-school when they similarly bombarded faculty with their multitude of inquiries.


Clubs and Competitions

Infinites love to compete... and come out on top!! So, whether its intra-school competitions organised by the student clubs or inter-school Festivals our students are invited to ... the accent is on participating enthusuastically and winning along the way.


It’s always a co-ordinated team effort and an undying spirit that guide Infinites as they work hard and party hard.


Twenty - 20

While the entire country goes cricket crazy watching numerous tournaments, Infinites believe in some fun-filled energy packed action! Twenty-20 gets the seniors battling the junions in a 20 over match with the rest of the batch cheering for their favorite teams.

And its not just cricket that infinites enjoy... if there’s a sport, they play it.  Proving that true leaders are multi-faceted personalities.  So they square off on the soccer field, on the volleyball court and in the table tennis room.


Annual Offsite

The Offsite is a much-loved annuity at Inbuss.  Following a demanding first trimester, the offsite is like tranquility after the lifting of a storm.  It facilitates interactions beyond those of classrooms and presentations amongst the students and also provides them with a platform to interact with the management in an informal manner.


In the past offsite has been organised in Mussoorie and Jim Corbett. The festivities begin in the capital itself with a motley bunch of students lugging their bags, ready to take off. With song and dance, the journey progresses and the subsequent three days involve a host of formal and informal events that are interspersed with sumptuous banquet meals.  There is the customary stock market game, the dancing in the dark and more events that provide the much-needed break from the rigours of the program.


The overall experience is interactive, educational and infinitely enjoyable; needless to say, at the end the students are ready to make bookings for the next year’s trip. 

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