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Faces and

“At INBUSS I found not only teachers, guides and friends, I found a new family leading towards success” - Peeyush Madan

Life @ Inbuss

Life at Inbuss is exciting and challenging. The mission of the school is to create an environment, which is conducive for personal and professional development of the students, while also imbibing values of life that will stand them in good stead for years to come.


The years spent at the school are memories to be treasured for eternity. The academic rigour creates a high-pressure environment designed to simulate real life. In the lecture rooms, case studies, group discussions, role-plays, simulations and, of course, lectures put students through the grind. As they prepare for their day in the sun, they are armed with all necessary tools to hold them in good stead. Their routine is a mix of classes, exams, cultural events and sports activities. Juggling between the various activities, students learn to manage time; taking breaks once in a while. In addition they also take out time to socialize together off-campus, enjoying the modern life of Gurgaon.

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